Who Is The New Winner Of The WWE Intercontinental Championship?

The Miz's reign is over!

Who Is The New Winner Of The WWE Intercontinental Championship?

If you missed yesterday's episode of Smackdown Live 2017, you really missed a big thing.

Well, if you were sprawling under your blanket yesterday night, let me tell you all the highlights of the show. 

A galactic episode of Smackdown Live ended up with a surprising result, as Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion for the second time in his career. 

Yes, you read that right. Want to know more about the show? Scroll down!

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The show started with a number of shenanigans.


Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz after a plenty of near-falls, drama, and even mischievousness from Miz and Maryse, as Maryse interfered twice during the match. 

As like the daily soap drama!

At the end of the segment, after slapping Ambrose, Maryse later found Young backstage and abandoned a second crushing slap, warning Young to never touch The Miz again.

Later, Maryse gets tossed from the ringside.

Even after Maryse's intervention, Ambrose asked the ref to remove her instead of calling for a disqualification. After which, Miz hit Ambrose with the title, but it wasn't enough to keep Ambrose grounded.

Tit for tat!

And just a few moments later, Dean Ambrose turned The Miz's Skull-Crushing Finale into Dirty Deeds to take the title.

The second "never-ending" title reign...

Till now, this is Ambrose's fourth championship reign since being called up in 2012, after the one-time United States, one-time WWE World, and Intercontinental Champion.

The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose rematch seems to happen soon.

Both are set to burn the ring together, possibly at the Royal Rumble or on an upcoming episode of SmackDown. 

A short clip from the show...

Following Ambrose's win, it seems that his rivalry with The Miz will continue, and there is a reason to consider that another title showdown could be on the horizon, and in my opinion, it would surely be Royal Rumble.

Do you think the same? Feel free to share your views through the comment section below.

Did Dean Ambrose impress you with his win?