Obama's Tweet Storm Just Put Trump's Negative New Year's Wish To Shame

Fundamental difference between these two...

Obama's Tweet Storm Just Put Trump's Negative New Year's Wish To Shame

Both, the President Barack Obama who'd be leaving the White House after the successful tenure of eight years, and President-elect, Donald J. Trump who'll be taking over the White House on January 20th, 2017 as the oldest President of the USA have released New Year's wishes for American citizens. Two entirely different people, and two vastly different messages for New Year.

POTUS Barack Obama's tweet in which he has positively looked back on his journey and shared it with the world has put President-elect Donald Trump's 'insignificant' and 'childish' New Year tweet to shame. Let's find out what happened next!

From disastrous Bush years to making some progress together.

From disastrous Bush years to making some progress together.

Listening to Obama tracking down his journey and genuinely expressing his views on whatever he has achieved in the past eight years has filled everyone with pride. Not just us, but Obama himself feels proud at the resilience of the US people and feels honest delight that their lives are better.

We all know, when Obama took control of the things in 2008, the American economy was greatly declining, and even some predictors had predicted that African-American POTUS of America would ruin the American economy. Opposite happened and America has only shined brighter under the Obama government.


But, Trump issued the blunt message on Twitter.

But, Trump issued the blunt message on Twitter.

Trump who 'unexpectedly' won the American Presidency representing the Republican Party in 2016 has only become harsher and downright when it comes to Tweet. While the whole world was rejoicing for having a chance to start off fresh, Trump scattered negative vibes around by gloating over his 'enemies.'

In the chain of seven long and inspiring tweets from Obama, this was the first one.

These were one-of-a-kind tweets from American President as he shares this kind of crucial information in a long span of months.

Average household income is up by more than 5%.

POTUS shared that more than 150,000 private sector jobs were added in the month of November.

Almost every American citizen has affordable access to healthcare.

More than 20 million Americans are now having an affordable healthcare policies.

Obama doubled the fuel efficiency and had traded foreign oil in exchange of clean energy.

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And there's more in this tweet storm from Brack Obama.

America has achieved all-time high records of graduates in High School, and diplomatic relationships were established with Cuba who has recently lost their revolutionary leader Fidel Castro without whom this was impossible to achieve for Cuba.

The most memorable moment for Obama would be this.

Under the Obama government, Same-sex marriage has become the law of the land in the United States of America.

And then Obama concluded everything on a humble note.

But shockingly this warmness and gratitude were absent from the Holiday tweets that were sent out from by President-elect Trump. Who took it as an opportunity to taunt his opposition and claimed everyone against country whoever opposed him.

On Saturday morning Trump was trending again for tweeting what is expected from him.

The American citizens were angry after reading this 'enemy' tweet from Trump as they believe this is an entirely wrong use of words for the one who is soon to become the American President. 

It's an old tradition for Donald Trump.

This tweet from 2013 speaks thousands of words in itself. Before even getting his nomination as the Presidential Candidate for Republican Party, had tweeted this on the occasion of Christmas.

It didn't stop in 2013 because in 2014 Trump had tweeted this.

Now, how we see things clearly from here is that Twitter is all about a 'publicity tool' for Donald Trump. He likes to brag about people and celebrities on Twitter to get the attention. I wonder how we still preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

And there's a change in tone as well...

Perhaps it is the world known fact that Trump uses an Android device to tweet his feelings, while his staff tweets on his behalf using an iPhone.

White House press secretary, Spicer has released a spicy statement on this.

White House press secretary, Spicer has released a spicy statement on this.

In an interview, he told on ABC's "This Wek" program that  "The fact of the matter is that when he tweets he gets results, and don't expect him to stop this once he enters the White House."

Well, we have no problem at all Sir Sean Spicer, but language like this is totally unethical and poor for a person who is leading the world's powerful country and wants to make American great again.

WittyFedians, what's your take on this? Share your views.

That's, all folks!

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