Mohammed Shami Trolled On FB For Wife’s Attire, His Response To Haters Is Amazing

The comments on Shami’s picture are shameless.  

Mohammed Shami Trolled On FB For Wife’s Attire,
His Response To Haters Is Amazing

It is not for the first time that a celebrity got slammed with ugly comments for strange reasons. Some time back, Soha Ali Khan was criticised for visiting Hindu Gods by bigots. Recently, Mohammed Shami got trolled on Facebook for his wife's attire.  

While some judgmental people commented that Muslim women must be dressed modestly, others asked the cricketer if he is a Muslim or not. Shami and his friend Mohammad Kaif bashed the haters in a perfect way.

Read on for the full scoop.   

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Recently, Mohammed Shami posted a picture with his wife Hasin Jahan on Facebook. 


Fanatics hit back the cricketer unexpectedly with unbearable comments. 

Hasin Jahan looks incredibly beautiful in this sleeveless outfit. 

Hasin Jahan looks incredibly beautiful in this sleeveless outfit. 

However, some Facebook users don't feel the same. 

It seems that the haters got irritated with Shami's wife's attire. 

It seems that the haters got irritated with Shami’s wife's attire. 

Check out some of the comments by hypocrites on Mohammed Shami's picture:

'I will tell you one thing brother; keep your wife under Islamic traditions for Allah.'

'You wife is wearing such a revealing dress, aren't you ashamed?'

'You are a Muslim and you know very well that how women should be kept. This kind of dressing won't do.' 

I wonder who gave the right to these people for deciding the attire of women.

However, Shami received support from his fans who hit back the haters for posting abusive comments on his picture.

The supporters of 26-year-old cricketer commented:

'This is India. Anyone who has a problem with Mohammed Shami or his family please leave the country.'

'All the Muslims who are giving wisdom to Shami, should stop using the internet on their mobile phones if they truly fear Allah. You are committing a greater sin by making Islam a joke.' 

Some haters even raised eyebrows on the religion of Mohammed Shami. 

Others advised that Hasin Jahan must don a hijab. 

The 26-year-old cricketer took to Twitter to teach a lesson to his haters. 

Instead of getting angry, Shami chose to hit back the jealous commentators calmly.

Bengal bowler's response shut the badmouthed haters. 

He tweeted: 'Not everyone gets what they desire; only a lucky few get it. They are my wife and daughter and I know what I should do. We should all look inwards.' 

Mohammed Shami is in the phase of recovery from his injuries these days. 

I must say that there are many supporters of the Bengal bowler. 

Shami's friend Mohammad Kaif responded to the self-proclaimed fighters. 

The former Indian cricketer tweeted: 'The comments are really really shameful. Support Mohammed Shami fully. There are much bigger issues in this country. Hope sense prevails.' 

Every woman has got the right to dress the way she wants. 


Mohammed Shami and Mohammad Kaif taught a bitter lesson to the jealous haters with their tweets. Let's just hope that the self-proclaimed righteous people won't poke the celebrities anymore with their ugly views. 

Source: Facebook 

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