Syria’s White Helmets Are Risking Their Lives To Save Innocent Civilians

The White Helmets are super-heroes.

Syria’s White Helmets Are Risking Their Lives To Save Innocent Civilians

Service to Mankind is Service to God

True that. The selfless service for the sake of humanity is as essential as worshiping God. Well, it truly is a privilege to serve mankind. However, the place that seeks such service these days is Syria. Syrians have been living under the constant fear of attacks for almost six years now.

But somewhere between the airstrikes, conflicts, ceasefires and the messy evacuation of Aleppo, there is still humanity left in the Syria.

And the proof is Syria's civil defence unit, The White Helmets. The volunteers are risking their lives and saving the lives of innocent civilians every minute.

Have a look.

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The matter in Syria continues to get worse.


Syria war has produced a lot of offenders with respect to the chaotic situation but it has also given the brave volunteers who are risking their lives to serve mankind.

Those volunteers are ' The White Helmets'.

The White Helmets or The Syrian Civil Defense is a group who is continuously working hard in Syria to protect the innocent civilians suffered in the war.

The White Helmets have rescued more than 78,529 people in Syria.

They are doing a marvellous job, aren't they?

They have been even awarded 'The Alternative Nobel Prize'.

The White Helmets were awarded by the Stockholm-based Right Livelihood Award Foundation in September 2016.

The head of 'The White Helmets', Raed Saleh stated,

"Barrel bombs - sometimes filled with chlorine - are the biggest killer of civilians in Syria today. Our unarmed and neutral rescue workers have saved [thousands] from the attacks in Syria, but there are many we cannot reach."


"There are children trapped in rubble we cannot hear. We act neutrally, impartially and for all Syrians."

The White Helmets is a group of 3000 people, both men, and women.

The group is not related to any political party or military action. They are just rescuers who work for civilians.

The aim of the group:

The White Helmets' motive is to save people by reaching in the shortest time possible at the required place and to minimise the further loss of life and property.

Meanwhile, Mr. Al-Salmo, a rescue worker stated,

"There were only 30 doctors left in Aleppo for the 300,000 civilians there. They are not able to save all the people in the hospital. Sometimes they have to choose between which one can be saved and which one cannot be saved. Treatment is given to those who can be saved."

Well, we can completely see 'The White Helmets' are working very hard.

Salute to all of them!

Are you inspired by the work The White Helmets are pulling?