Meet The Woman Who Recreated The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show '16

Not a VS model? Who cares. 

Meet The Woman Who Recreated The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show '16

I remember my best friend calling me up and talking about Victoria's Secret Fashion Show mentioning she won't be watching it. Why? Because it makes her feel sad about her body. This isn't just her being all gloomy and stuff but it's about every other girl out there who stares at a mirror in the morning and watch her little tummy grow every day. 

VS makes them sad. 

Shouldn't they bring ordinary women to model and encourage us to buy more from that PINK range every year? Buzzfeed produced its own version of Victoria's Secret with ladies just like us- some short, some plump, with more body diversity and they look beautiful. 

Tess Holliday, the plus model, who you might have heard speaking against VS for perpetuating the image of being skinny and VS like is sexy, took the initiative.

You won't ever feel like shit after this, girls! 

Tess Holiday, the beauty of a kind recreated her own version of the VS Fashion Show. 



You see, whales are majestic AF. And Tess proves this.


You don't really need to be a size 0 or 2 to look fab. 


It's about you and the way you accept yourself. 


Put an end to the terrible burnout sessions and accept that you can eat chocolate as much as you can. 


Stop frowning! Like seriously put an end to this. 

Instead, watch the video and feel good about your size. 

You are beautiful. YOUR WAY! 

Do you think Victoria's Secret body type is overrated?