9 Cooking Hacks That Can Help You In Becoming A Master Chef

Read this and then wear that apron!

9 Cooking Hacks That Can Help You In Becoming A Master Chef

If you think chefs have a super power of cooking, then let me clear you that they are just like us. It's not that they wake up one day and cook the best dishes out of somewhere. Like any other prowess, cooking is a learning process.

Well, cooking can be a pretty tricky job if you are a novice. Whether you love cooking in your style or by watching cookery shows on TV, somewhere you need an arsenal of tricks for making food more delicious.

Luckily, we have compiled these essential tips and tricks that will help you shave off some of your time, the next time you cook. You already may know a few but altogether these tips will form a time-saving guide.

So, have a look.

1. An easy way to remove the shell of hard boiled egg

Amazing Cooking Tricks

Well, place a hard boiled egg in a jar; fill it with water and shake, shake, shake... You will see the shell coming out of the egg. Easy, right?


2. Trick for garlic cloves

Amazing Cooking Tricks

Place the garlic bulb into the jar, shake it like crazy and you'll see the garlic cloves getting separated from the bunch.
Well, you can repeat the same for having the skin of each clove separated.

3. Easiest process for removing skin of Kiwi

Amazing Cooking Tricks

Just cut the kiwi in half and press the glass into the edge of kiwi so as to remove the kiwi skin in one go.

You can use this trick with mango as well.

4. Banana and sewing needle trick

Amazing Cooking Tricks

Take a banana and a needle. Use the needle to make cuts into banana without peeling it off. When you'll peel off the cover, you'll see the banana slices in equal proportions. Fascinating!

5. Red bell pepper trick

Amazing Cooking Tricks

Take a paprika or red bell pepper and cut the top and bottom part of it leaving only the middle one. Then using a knife, remove the core part for getting the outer skin. Once you have done that, you can cut it into slices easily. This is the most efficient way to cut it.

6. Potato trick

Amazing Cooking Tricks

Use a knife and cut the potato in a circular motion without letting it split into parts. Make sure you just give a hint of cut and then boil it normally as you always do. This will help you to pull off its skin easily without much wastage.

7. Ice cream cookie

Amazing Cooking Tricks

Take an ice-cream tub and cut a disc about one inch thick without removing the cover of the tub. Use the chocolate chip cookies and place the disc in the middle of the two chocolate cookies. Then remove the cover and press the ice-cream disc so as to form a complete shape of chocolate ice-cream cookie.

There you go, enjoy.

8. Ways to separate egg yolks

Amazing Cooking Tricks

Start with cracking the egg into a fresh bowl. Use a water bottle, squeeze and suck it up. You'll get yolk into the bottle and then plop it wherever you want.

Funny yet better way.

9. Egg heart

Amazing Cooking Tricks

For this, take a boiled egg and a cardboard. Place the egg in the center of V-shaped cardboard and then place a chopstick on the top and tighten each end by putting elastic bands around it. Leave the whole structure to freeze in for 20 to 30 minutes. After some time, pull everything off and take out the boiled egg. Cut it from the middle and there you will be with a heart shaped egg.

For easy reference, go through the video:

Did you find these tricks helpful?

Which trick did you find to be the best?