This Pop Singer Crosses All Her Limits In The Latest Music Video

Singer, actress and hawt!

This Pop Singer Crosses All Her Limits In The Latest Music Video

Rosette Sharma is of Indian descent, but she's famously known by her stage name Rosette Luve. After topping the charts in 2004 and securing the seventh position in Canadian Edition of Popstars, she released her first album in the year 2005 with name Uh Oh.

She rose to fame because of her single 'Crushed' and became an overnight sensational successful singer, but trust me it wasn't overnight. It's the result of her passion and sleepless nights that she's been spending to work hard on her art.

Rosette is getting noticed more often now for all the right reasons. Let's check out some of the most interesting facts about her life and why one should follow Rosette Luve Instagram.

After graduation, she pursued her dreams.



And she's achieving them every day since 2004. Rosette Luve has already topped the charts for her singles and even portrayed major characters in critically acclaimed Television series.

There are many major series under her belt.


She has played many characters in TV films and series like Reefer Madness (2005), The L World, Under One Roof, Psych, and was also part of the famous Canadian film like American Mary (2012) which has won all the major awards in Canada.

As a lead artist, Rosette performed quite a few singles, and they're phenomenal.


There are two albums to her name, Uh Oh (2005) and Nshakatale Mbwelela (2016). Apart from this, as we learned earlier, she has performed some engaging singles like Crushed, Ditzy Girl, et al.

Indian origin and Canadian upbringing.


She's a deadly blend of India and Canada. Her beauty is enchanting in a unique way; you just can't stop staring at her pictures. BEWARE! You may fall in love.

Amnesia, 2012.


Canada-based singer's most successful single to this date has been Amnesia which released in 2012. It not only topped charts, but it has earned certified Gold tag in Canada. Apart from this, she co-wrote 'Till It's Gone' for Britney Spears album Britney Jean.

Aren't these enough reasons to follow her?


Rosette is simultaneously working on many singles and TV films and series that are planned to release in 2017. She's expected to become the big thing in Canadian pop star culture.

Rosette - Sweetest Mistake.

Watch Rosette Luve in this bold and beautiful single Sweetest Mistake, and I'm sure you'd become her fan.

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Which Rosette Luve song is your favorite?