I Was Pushed To My Limits On La La Land Set: Ryan Gosling

One thing took a lot to take in!

I Was Pushed To My Limits On La La Land Set: Ryan Gosling

'La La Land' is all set to release next month. And, it has already garnered amazing reviews and received awards in multiple film festival through its initial release, like the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. Emma Stone also picked up the Volpi Cup Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival in Italy for her role.

'La La Land', a pace-setter for next year's best Oscar, rejoins Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as lovers. And, Ryan loved working on the musical film with the actress.

But, wait! What he said in one interview, is surprising everyone

Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling's statement on the movie La La Land


It was enjoyable performing on the musical 'La La Land' with Emma, but learning its lines, songs, jazz piano, dance routines, and keytar was a lot to take in.

Ryan said, "Trying to fit into my schedule of things I had to learn, was pretty funny!"

"We were all being pushed to our limits to see what we were capable of," said Ryan Gosling.

"We worked for three months on, for instance, one number that happens at sunset where it starts as a scene, then it becomes a song, and then it's a dance and then a scene again, and it all happens in one take," he continued.

Spur for the La La Land's scene

The scene is for the honor to Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger's movie Top Hat's song "Isn't this a lovely day (To be caught in the rain)?".

Regarding the scene of the iconic footage, Ryan said...

"That idea, just the clever nuance of the way Fred and Ginger's characters were trying to make the best of a bad situation, we tried to subvert that lyrically in our scene. We tried to make the worst out of a good situation."

The film straddle two lines: sort of a kitchen sink drama and a romanticized musical.

Ryan said,"I felt like if we could get the relationships and the characters right, we would be okay because the music was always there and always beautiful."

Emma and Ryan's third onscreen collaboration.

The upcoming capricious and dreary musical 'La La Land', from writer/director Damien Chazelle, could just be what the fans need right now.

La La Land hits the theater on December 9, 2016.

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