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10 Animals With Incredible Superpowers That Can Make Them Rule Over Humans 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

After reading this question, most of you might be ready, with your all time favorite answers, and a few were turning pages of their favorite comic books. Right?

No doubt, comic book fans are a mixed bunch, but you all have one dream in common. What is it? Just to develop superpowers and then use them to battle off a zombie riot. 

But wait! Now, you don't have to look into the pages of comic books to find extraordinary super abilities; many animals on this planet earth have extreme capabilities compared to your superheroes.

So, what are you waiting for? Check them out here! 

10 Animals With Incredible Superpowers That Can Make Them Rule Over Humans 

10 Animals With Incredible Superpowers That Can Make Them Rule Over Humans 

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The 'mantis shrimp' has the same strength as a gunshot.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

Isn't this colorful little shrimp just so lovely? But, along with the beauty, it also has a pack of massive punch. Yes, they can deal a blow so hard, that they can break through aquarium glass.

Wondering on this little 4-inches-long? Well, they are the strongest animal in the world? Dare to touch it now!!

Alpine ibex mountain goats can walk up the walls.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

You might be knowing the fact that goats are good climbers. Am I right?

But, for these goats, there simply is no 'too steep'. These goats can climb cliffs and rock faces almost upright. Do you think, that Spiderman should take lessons from them?

The pistol shrimp doesn't have the power to punch but 'to snap'.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

One more shrimp with the power in its claws. These shrimp have claws that snap shut so quickly that it creates a cavitation bubble almost hot as the surface of the sun. And, when it collapse, the detonation can reach 218 decibels. Terrifying, isn't it?

The Turritopsis immortal jellyfish.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

This jellyfish is not quite immortal, but they can make themselves young again and begin their life cycle over and over. The fish named as Turritopsis Nutricula can fold into itself when it reaches the end of its life, absorb itself, and return to the polyp stage to start its life over again.

Now, which superhero has such incredible powers? You would rarely find any!

The hairy frog is not less than a wolverine.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

These frogs are also known as, 'horror frogs', and after knowing the fact, you'll not doubt on such name. 

The hair on the frogs is actual external gills full of arteries. And, if that doesn't scare enough, it can make its own retractable claws by breaking its toe-bones and poking them through its skin.

The axolotl is a bit more freaky.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

Does it break your tongue by pronouncing? Well, call it a superpower! This friendly looking amphibian is also known as Frankenstein Salamander. And, what makes it wow?

It can loose and regenerate not just its tail or limbs but every part of its body without showing scar tissue, including organs and even head and brain. This isn't stopped here. It can also adopt organs from another axolotl as its own, including "head and brain." Now, what would you call it?

The mimic octopus is quite frightening.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

On one side, octopuses are known for being able to adjust their skin color and texture to mingle in with their environment; this amazing creature does more than that.

This species of octopus is capable of impersonating other sea creatures. It has been seen mimicking animals like jellyfish, a sea snake, a dangerous lionfish and a flatfish. Isn't it an impressive way to hide in plain sight?

Electric eel can generate electric shocks up to 600 volts.

Electric eel can generate electric shocks up to 600 volts.

The fish can grow up to seven feet long along with the shocking power up its sleeves, 600 volts to be precise. This much shock is enough to cause heart fibrillation to humans. So, no pinching to eel, please! 

Platypuses are just too danger to play and cuddle with.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

Beware! These cute and lovely creatures have spurs on its hind feet that give off the poison. Though it's not deadly but it's very very painful. Its real superpower is electrolocation, and that means they can sense the electrical signal in their prey's muscles. 

So more they try to glide away, the more apparent they become to the platypus.

The shapeshifting sea cucumber is less cuddly but still amazing.

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

These sea cucumbers can be shapeshifting by substantially liquefying their bodies to squeeze through small gaps. Now, it looks like the best way to hide or escape. Right?

Wooing or Spooking?

Animals With Incredible Superpowers

So, I'm just modifying a few words from my first question, and now, if you would be able of stealing the superpowers from the natural world, which one would you pick?

Tell your answers in the comments section below. And, don't forget to feed, and share the story.

Which animal's power did shock you the most?

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