This Bollywood Yogi Mom From California Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

She is a nutritionist, a blogger, a yoga instructor and a Cosmetologist.

This Bollywood Yogi Mom From California Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

I am a regular Instagram user and I usually find people for inspiration. It was just a month ago that I was scrolling through Instagram and my eyes caught hold of a yoga instructor who seemed to be highly inspired by Bollywood

Akshita Jain, a self-driven and passionate yoga instructor plus mommy has a lot of goals to give every mommy out there. A cosmetologist and a vegan food enthusiast, she is a wonderful blogger and while you might feel a little awkward watching a mother catch her life by its lapels, here I have all her funky videos lined up for you. 

Read on to be inspired. 

Meet the beautiful mommy blogger, Akshita. 



She loves having fun with her family and blogs all the way to your stomach. 


She shares a great bonding with her son.

A sexy vegan food enthusiast. 


Being vegan is the new trend where one does not consume non-veg and animal products.

A beauty blogger. 


And that just shows in her Insta pictures.

A Bollywood yogi. 


Yogasanas is a daily activity that she follows and asks people to follow.

And a boss babe at crowdera. 


So many versions of her.

She makes sure to stay full of life and spreads smiles all over. 


Not many are like her.

If you haven't fallen in love with this pretty mommy yet, you need to watch the videos next. 


Her short videos are awesome.

Watch her move along the music at the Universal Studios. 


Amazing, isn't it?

Ah, I am in love! To all mommies in the world. 


You'll find her beating social phobia.  

You will be motivated to watch her dance her heart out at one local cafe while people are busy with their things. 

You'll find her amazing check-ins. 

Let's count in Victoria's Secret. 

Some Black Friday vibes. 

There is never a better time for dance and fun. And with this mommy around you, even if you have her the moment you sign on Instagram or Facebook- It's a bliss! 

Are you inspired by her lifestyle?