"She Is So Beautiful, Everybody Wants To Rape Her"

What a racism!


The Internet started getting furious when Kenya's famous TV Show Jeff Koinange Live ended up with a disaster.

Recently, the show was being conducted as usual and there were two guests, Esther Passaris and Miguna Miguna who are the candidates of Nairobi's Governor seat. There was a short break in between and guests and host were having a normal chit chat. And then...

"Esther is so beautiful everybody wants to rape her"

This is what Miguna commented on Esther. He continued - "You are chasing men all over, nobody wants you." "You think you're beautiful, you are not. Esther is just colour. Without colour you are nothing."

Source BBC


Jeff Koinange Live is Kenya's top political show.

Jeff Koinange Live is Kenya's top political show.

Jeff is CNN's former journalist.

That off-air footage of Miguna's comment started spreading on the Internet like fire. People even criticized Jeff for not interfering on the matter. After the incident, Jeff apologized publically and announced that he's dropping the show.

He announced it on Twitter!

He announced it on Twitter!

His fans will miss him!

Jeff has earned so much of dignity with his talk show.

These tweets are enough to prove this!

Your fans are waiting, Jeff!

If you want to watch, here is the first part of the last episode of J K Live!

I am with you Esther!

I am with you Esther!

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