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Oh My G.O.T., They Are Bringing Out Game Of Thrones Wines

I've always had this unreachable dream. I have always wanted to experience living in a different era. A completely different time period. A simpler time. Many a working hour has been spent mentally time traveling.

The era that peaked my desire more than any other has to be the era where there were wars with no guns, where men were proper men, deaths were gory and often public and most importantly where booze flowed by the gallon and was served in goblets and chalices. Where a mighty beard was standard and loin clothes were a thing.

Oh My G.O.T., They Are Bringing Out Game Of Thrones Wines

Oh My G.O.T., They Are Bringing Out Game Of Thrones Wines

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Now it's not so much the gory deaths and public floggings that I long for. Its the latter mentioned rivers of booze that appeal to me the most. The thought of sitting on an animal skin chair cover in a candle-lit tavern with an open fire to keep warm and drinking until I outstayed my welcome is my idea of perfection.

It will come as no surprise then that I am a huge fan of The Game of Thrones. It will be even less of a surprise to hear I am a huge fan of beer and wine. So imagine my little face light up when I heard that HBO is bringing out their own GOT wine in 2017! The range will include chardonnay, a red blend and a cabernet sauvignon.

I'm no deluded man, I know that I won't ever be able to genuinely live out my dream of being kicked out of a medieval tavern and I know that Game of Thrones is set in a fictional time period but it's the introduction of wines like this that allow me to drunkenly dream a little harder. 

This isn't the first range of Game of Thrones booze that has been bought out. There is also a range of GOT beer. 

So with the Game of Thrones beer and the upcoming wine I can happily don my medieval robes, break out the goblets and drink like a Lannister! My unreachable medieval dream will be a little bit closer.

Next up? Who knows? One can only dream of a Game of Thrones take away. Top of my wish list is a medieval kebab. HBO are you listening? 

Although I don't quite think I'm cut out for the iron throne just yet, after a Game of Thrones kebab I'll certainly be ready for the porcelain throne. And on that note, it's a good morrow from me.

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