The Big Fat Indian Hypocrisy - These Men Put Every Indian To Shame.

The Big Fat Indian Hypocrisy - These Men Put Every Indian To Shame.

She was walking happily down the street, wearing her best dress. God! she was beautiful. She was to meet him for the first time- the man by her side, her special someone, the only one for her

She came back, ripped in pieces, breathing heavily. The society called her sl*t, found her guilty. Her tears won't stop. She picks up the knife and decides to end all of this, for good. But when she took the first step, she saw her mourning father, brother and family. She had dreams, she was not going to give it all away. She knew, now that she had to fight..... 


She has so many roles to play and sacrifices to do in a lifetime. She is sweet, beautiful and full of love.

Having said that, when she has to fight back, she is extremely ferocious, bold and lethal.

YOU - Men are an eternal part of her life. You are the first man in her life - her Father; her first role model. You stand by her side as a brother, fighting the first bully together. And then, you come and sway her off the ground by being the only love of her life.

So, she is behind every successful MAN. Then why is that, she stands alone on the ladder of success in our country?

Stop being hypocrites. The evil is not you and me; it's the mindset. Stand with what you say. If you are a REAL MAN. 

This video down here features two men talking about her being raped, curse the suspect and later are caught in a shameful act themselves.

True love is beautiful, no forceful physical pleasure, cheesy lines and an eye X-rays can match that that.