10 Phenomenal Kylie Jenner Bikinis That Prove She has Got Curves Of A Goddess

You wouldn't be able to take your eyes off her! 

10 Phenomenal Kylie Jenner Bikinis That Prove She has Got Curves Of A Goddess

Kylie might be on top of her style game, but nothing really stops this Jenner. As her fashion statements indicate, Kylie doesn't stick to many rules. She likes to wear anything that makes her comfortable but adds a bit of funk to it as well. She's got a very casual style, even when it comes to bathing suits but that doesn't make any of her bikinis sloppy. 

She could go a simple two-piece black bikini one day, or even get a groove on with a snake-print one shoulder style the next. 

Check out some of the bikini trends Kylie Jenner had set a while ago. 

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1. A simple black strappy-style



Talk about fashionable bottoms along with some awesome straps. Kylie totally rocked this black two-piece.  

2. One shoulder strap. 


She shows off her curves in this anaconda-print one shoulder strappy bikini. Getting goddess vibes yet? 

3. The conservative style 


Kylie could even make the most basic form of bikini style look super stylish. 

4. The ripped pattern


This black bikini is ripped in the right places and she looks fabulous! 

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5. The original black style


Her hour-glass figure looks so damn gorgeous in this black swimsuit. She's slaying literally everything here. 

6. The stringy straps


That's how a regular pool party goes in the life of Kylie Jenner. 

7. The funky cleavage-hugging bikini


She might be posting this picture to show her necklace, but our eyes definitely wander off to another place. 

8. The classic style


This print might belong to the 60s and 70s era, but Kylie can pull it off so elegantly. 

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9. Let's get some lace on


Candid beach shots are seriously her thing. 

10. The back leather straps


We're totally in love with this bathing suit. 

Did you love Kylie Jenner's choice in bikinis?