These Pictures Of Blinds Will Make You Speechless

You can't resist yourself to watch these pictures again and again!

These Pictures Of Blinds Will Make You Speechless

How many blind people you know in a lifetime? And, how close you are with their livings? I think, probably, very few could answer this positively. 

Let's imagine a scene. 

On a stormy evening, when the lights went out, and for a while, you are not able to adjust your eyes to the darkness. All you could do is follow the sounds and relying on touching objects. Felt disturbing, right? 

Most of the time, with such cases, somewhere in our lives, it raises just a single question. What might it mean to live with a distorted vision? How hard the struggle be, for a visually impaired person? 

This photographer has come with the answers with her unique and miraculous pictures. Take a look.

To understand blinds more closely!


A photographer, named Rita Torok wanted to bring closer the everyday struggle of blind's people, to understand them in a more friendly way. 

To show everyone that blind people are same as us with just a little bit difference...

Rita spent two days at The National Institute for the Blind in Budapest in 2014, to understand the livings of visually impaired people.

They had everything except the eyes of the world.

In one of the articles, Rita wrote the lines of 'The little prince', to sanctify the blinds. 'It is only the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.'

The unusual photo shoot for Rita.

The idea to visit the blind institute came into her mind when, once she was travelling in the bus, and a couple which was destitute of vision got on the bus. The incident touched her heart as everyone ignored them, making it strange and awkward.


Blinds possess same thoughts, troubles, and ideas as like we humans. The fact that they are blind doesn't put them in the pigeonhole.

The feeling of affection that blinds have.

And, they are not ashamed of having the visual impairment.

They do not always need acute supervision.

By any means, visually impaired people are not perpetually dependent on others for their livings.

They have a vision that even sighted people might not have.

They enjoy everything, from the music to dance, from the shower of rains to the teeth-gnashing winters. They are as responsive and engaging with their environment as we are.

They do dream!

The boy waiting for his turn!

One doesn't need eyes to sense love.

The picture says it all.

Rita was there as an 'invisible' person, and she described everything she experienced, just by these pictures. Have you ever experienced the living of blinds, just by spending a little time with them?
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