From A Monk To A Billionaire, This Man Is Now Up For Giving Free Electricity To The World

He says, "Work is never done." 

From A Monk To A Billionaire, This Man Is Now Up For Giving Free Electricity To The World

The unconventional billionaire Manoj Bhargava was of the opinion, "Human Mechanical Energy is so amazing, why can't we use that to create energy?" 

Why is the person being called as an unconventional billionaire... because he is one!

Now the question remains that who is Manoj Bhargava?

He met the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in July 2014, where Modi was very unimpressed with him and Manoj said about their meeting "He didn't think I was real." And so as to believe him, let's know about him and his work.

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The founder of '5-Hour Energy'

Manoj Bhargava

Manoj Bhargava is an Indian-born, American philanthropist and businessman. He is the founder and CEO of a company known for producing the 5-Hour Energy drink i.e. 'Innovations Ventures LLC.' The company had grown to do a $1 billion sales in 2012.


Why is he being termed as a philanthropist?

Manoj Bhargava

Because he believes that just coming up with something is not cool rather come up with the products which can directly impact the humanity and are useful.

Let's come to his projects.

Manoj Bhargava projects

His major concerns for now are: water, energy and health. So let us talk about them.

1. The solution for drought (Water)

Manoj Bhargava tech

He has stated a rain project for this purpose which takes in unusable seawater and turns it into drinking water within minutes. The machine can do a thousand gallons in an hour.

2. The 'Free Electric' program (Energy)

Manoj Bhargava innovation

Here a person uses a hybrid bicycle that you pedal for an hour which will in turn, create electricity for 24 hours and will allow you to have unlimited energy and that too pollution free.

3. The project called 'Renew' (Health)

Manoj Bhargava innovation

It is a project that enhances the circulation by squeezing blood from the legs back into the core body. So it acts almost like an exhilarating heart. Also, circulation is the basis of a lot of illness.

It's not about treating a disease but it's about preventing a disease.

Now that we know what he has done for the world, let's know more about him.

Manoj Bhargava

He is driven by the fact: Work is never done and the world can be changed anytime by anyone. He is of the thought to make a difference in other people's lives and not just talk about it.

Early life, education, and the hidden truth.

Manoj Bhargava early life

Bhargava is Lucknow-born who later moved to Philadelphia with his parents during the 1960s where he completed his schooling and a year of undergraduate education at Princeton, before dropping out to return to India.

After returning to India, he became a monk in a commune and for the next 12 years, he traveled between monasteries in the Indian mountains at 'Hanslok Ashram' in Delhi. Bhargava spent those years in mastering the stilling of the mind through the process of meditation. 

He later returned to the US to help his parents with their company of plastics. Later in his life, Bhargava shifted his focus from plastics to chemicals, finding himself entering a new field altogether and thereby, has been making his country (India) proud since then.

Here, have a look at his projects in detail.

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With people like Manoj Bhargava taking such initiatives, can we claim ''Badlega Bharat?''