The Brady Bunch Star Florence Henderson Dies At 82

The actress who redefined the television mother of the modern era.

The Brady Bunch Star Florence Henderson Dies At 82

Florence Henderson's death was announced on Tuesday by the Associated Press. Her manager shared this information with her fans and media and told that she was surrounded by her family and friends when she died.

Recently, Florence was spotted facing camera on Monday when she attended the taping of ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars.' The actress who played her on-screen daughter in the famed show 'The Brady Bunch' is a contestant on this season of the show.

'The Brady Bunch' is the show that turned her into a household name.

'The Brady Bunch' is the show that turned her into a household name.

Henderson had a busy career during 1950 to 60's, but the show 'The Brady Bunch' earned her the real fame. Her this show represented the image of a typical American family during a stormy period of the nation.

She played the character of Carol Brady, the widow, and a 'lovely lady' with three daughters. Florence as a TV mom was always a happy woman who helped her children to face tough situations in their life with her expert advice and warm snacks.


She maintained a good sense of humor as Carol Brady.

Carol Brady

And she got addicted to that character so much that it became part of her real life. She never got tired of participating in 'The Brady Bunch' revivals, whether in TV or film.

Florence Henderson's manager, Kayla Pressman, reported the 'heart-failure' as the cause of her death.

Later her co-star Barry Williams said a few words...

In an interview with CNN, Barry Williams said some beautiful words about Florence Henderson and her character as Carol Brady.

As the news spread, people started Tweeting it on the internet.

Florence Henderson is trending on the internet. Journalist Michael Smyth Tweets his memory of Florence as Carol Brady.

Angela Bishop, entertainment reporter shared this picture.

Angela had a chance to spend some time with her before Thanksgiving, and she also missed Florence in her Tweets.

Host/Producer and Author, Phil Tweeted this picture of her with him.

Greeting her as Legend, Phil said that Florence always made time for her fans.

Florence as Carol Brady had managed to make everyone wish.

Even still the kids who're born in the 90's love to watch her this show, and wish if they could've mother just like Carol Brady.


Have you watched her show 'The Brady Bunch'?