Latest Eyeliner Trend Of Drawing Penises On Face Is Making People Go Crazy 

Some people just do really weird stuff!


B eing obsessed with dicks is not a new thing. It's a tendency that has been around for a long time, and history stands proof of the same. And as someone had once rightly said, some things just never change! The obsession with dicks, in this occasion, turns out to be one of those things. For no apparent reason, people are now starting to draw penises on their faces and the trend is being called as a 'dickliner'. This was started by a nineteen-year-old who thought of it to be trendy and fashionable, and much to the surprise of probably everyone, the dickliner trend is actually catching on! Check it out.

This is how a standard wing on an eyeliner looks like...

Latest Eyeliner Trend Of Drawing Penises On The Faces

But now, there's a new trend in town!



Introducing, the dickliner!

Nineteen-year-old Asia Brautigam started this trend.

The name speaks for itself, right?

And if you can't really figure out what the dickliner is, these photos should clear that up for you!    

Surprisingly, many people are actually into this trend!

People are really into some weird things!

So, what do you think of this new style?

Do you think it's trendy, because many others actually seem to think so.

Well, some people are just a little too wild, maybe?

Maybe this is their way of channeling their creativity.

Anyway, everyone has his or her own style...

Latest Eyeliner Trend Of Drawing Penises On The Faces

It's only hard to believe something like this can actually be anyone's style at all, but meh! Why bother?


Would you like to follow this trend?