Taylor Swift Accepts Mannequin Challenge And Ends It With Epic Dance Steps

Yet another viral video trend on the internet.


T rending is not a new term, but people have given it a whole new perception by taking it to another level. And it becomes even more special when celebrities become part of these trends. The internet has already seen a lot of trends lately, but there's something new in this world that's making Hollywood celebs go crazy!Pondering what's that It's a 'Mannequin Challenge'. A challenge in which people remain frozen like a dummy that is used to display clothes at the shop. This trend has already gone viral and many famous personalities are spotted doing this, and guess what It's so famous that it reached to Taylor Swift, and she chose to perform this challenge on Thanksgiving day.

Taylor Swift video of Mannequin challenge.




Like, Ellen DeGeneres in the White House.

Remember Ellen DeGeneres forgot her ID card to enter the White House to receive Medal of Freedom? Well, this couldn't stop her from getting inside. The show host later came back with her ID card and decided to enter the White House in style by taking this Mannequin Challenge.

Robert De Niro, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, almost everyone who received the medal was part of this video challenge.

Paul McCartney

Simple and sweet. Paul McCartney decided to go solo and later uploaded his video on Twitter.

How Kardashians can miss this.


All those who were desperately waiting for Kardashians... Well, here's your treat! It's bizarre to see someone taking Mannequin challenge at such crucial situation, but as the saying goes 'celebrities have nothing like personal life'.

Even Hillary Clinton couldn't stop herself!

Hillary Clinton, formerly first lady of America, during her campaigns to become the President of the America (in which she failed off course) tried Mannequin challenge.

How about Michelle Obama?

Outgoing First Lady of the America, Michelle Obama tried this Mannequin challenge in the White House.

And nothing can beat this one!

Yes! It remains the best Mannequin Challenge video. Look at the number of people who perfectly participated in completing this flawlessly.

So, have you performed the Mannequin challenge?

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Have you tried Mannequin Challenge?