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Priyanka Chopra Loves To Being The Face On A Poster And Says Won’t Settle For Less

Priyanka Chopra is among those celebrities who started her journey without a godfather or any starry support. The 'Desi Girl' entered in B-Town after winning the crown of Miss World at the age of 18, and today she has become a global sensation.

The leggy lass and bee-stung lips first stepped into Bollywood with 'Hero', but then she realised that her stepping stone would make her the global face on every poster and magazine. Priyanka herself says: 'I am used to being the face on a poster'.

Well, PC is on her way to ruling the world of entertainment, and there seems to be no stopping her.

Here's the reason why Priyanka is used to being the face on a poster.

Priyanka Chopra Loves To Being The Face On A Poster And Says Won't Settle For Less

Priyanka Chopra Loves To Being The Face On A Poster And Says Won't Settle For Less

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Priyanka Chopra has clearly ruled the world.


From a simple girl to a global sensation, Priyanka has clearly proved herself with her talent, beauty and appeal.

People all over the world talk about her.


She has created a unique niche for herself in the entertainment industry, which perhaps very few Bollywood celebrities have done.

And undoubtedly, whatever she has achieved is all because of her own hard work.


PC herself feels that if she has won global recognition, it is due to her talent and hard work. She has achieved all her fame without any help or support.

Her stellar performances in the commercial hits made everyone fall for her.


She gave many hit movies like Barfi, Mary Kom and Jai Gangaajal and proved her prowess always.

She may be riding a wave of International success, but she didn't get there overnight.


The actress made waves with international singles like 'In my city' and 'Exotic' before entering into International Television series and acting in Quantico.

Priyanka feels grateful to her fans for putting her in a position that...


..she is used to being the face on a poster.

Piggy Chops says...


"I started with nothing, no support. A complete newcomer to even Mumbai city, not even the movie industry. I didn't even know anyone. So, I kind of did all that I did on my own without the help and support of anybody."

She continues...


"The love and affection I have got from the audience around the world kind of gave me the strength to do that. They have put me in a position where I am used to being the face on a poster. I don't want to settle for that."

Well, the diva of Bollywood is currently seen in Quantico season 2.


And she will soon be making her Hollywood debut with 'Baywatch'.

Recently, the actress come producer unveils the trailer of her Punjabi film Sarvann in Toronto.


She has produced this film under Purple Pebble Pictures and this is her second film as a producer.

Well, we definitely love Piggy Chops. Is she your favorite actress?

Let us know.

Are you an admirer of Priyanka Chopra?

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