These Videos Reveal The Dark Reality Behind American Black Friday Sale

There motto? Die-shopping. Literally!

These Videos Reveal The Dark Reality Behind American Black Friday Sale

As the day of Thanksgiving comes to an end, there's another attraction between the people that makes them go insane. Yes! Right after Thanksgiving, the Americans celebrate 'insane day' in America, which is also famously known as 'Black Friday Sale.'

As per the predictions, this year people would be going in huge numbers to marts, stores, and showrooms to grab the best deals. The history of Black Friday Sale isn't that good, and it reveals the dark reality that we should keep in mind this year before we go out and die shopping.

Wal-Mart deathly rush, 2007.


Now if you think you've just had a worst Black Friday Sale experience in your life, think again, and consider yourself lucky, at least you're alive. Many people couldn't make their way back to home.

People rushed the man to death, and continued stepping over him.

At the West Virginia shopping store during a Black Friday Sale, a 61-year-old chemist Walter Vance collapsed, and the insane people started rushing over him. People did absolutely nothing to save him. Later he was taken to the nearest hospital where he died.

Wal-Mart, 2014.

A few moments before the sale begun, Policemen were trying their best to keep the crowd in the queue waiting for their turn to enter the mall. But, a blink of an eye and everyone was on their own to go inside the mall to loot the sale.

Pepper Spray attack in LA.

If you have any plans to go to a Porter Ranch Wal-Mart in California, then BEWARE! Its history of Black Friday sale is brutal than any other place in America. You might get stabbed in your leg, sprayed in your eyes and much more.

In 2011, Police hunted a woman in the crowd who used pepper spray to make her way in the rush.

Northern Island Chain Store 

People in the Northern Island created dramatic situation while fighting for the low priced merchandise of their favorite brands. As you can see clearly in this video, the man starts beating a girl to snatch a packet from her.

Fighting for almost everything.

Check out this  video of people who're packed in the Wal-Mart. It'll make you feel out of breath, imagine how absurd it was to be there on Black Friday sale.

Rolling on floor to steal stuff.

People get so cruel on the occasion of Black Friday, that they don't even care about what they're doing. They just run around the mall and loot everything they can.

Well, the history of Black Friday sale isn't that good for us to go out and shop, but as we know, many people are going to do that over and over again. It's not only about getting the best deals but to come back home safely. 

We hope you'll enjoy the sale this year.


Do you think people's behavior on Black Friday is insane?