Mia Khalifa Is So Grateful That She Promised Something To Her Fans

Mia Khalifa can't believe it.

Mia Khalifa Is So Grateful That She Promised Something To Her Fans

Mia Khalifa is pretty much enjoying her life, even though she's already left the world of adult entertainment. Due to her fame as a former adult film actress, Mia Khalifa has managed to garner a massive audience online. Despite the lack of erotic material, fans still follow her online, whether she's on Twitter or Instagram.

So, what is Mia Khalifa up to right now? Let's find out.

Currently, Mia Khalifa is working for FanSided.com as a sports writer.


That's right. Your favorite former star has managed to land a job as a sports columnist.

For Thanksgiving, she decided to let her fans know how grateful she is for her job.


Mia Khalifa is basically head over heals with sports, and you can notice it when you read her tweets.

During her most recent sports column, Mia Khalifa thanked athletes, sports teams, and fans.


Specifically, she was grateful for the sports themselves, the FanSided.com team, the various sports rivalries, the Dallas Cowboys, and the athletes who are outspoken.

Mia Khalifa also admitted that she has no previous writing experience.


Thus, it was a shock that FanSided.com allowed her to become a contributor.

She admitted that the only thing she did before was insult players and fans online.

Mia Khalifa might be a sports writer now, but I don't really want her offensive tweets to be gone forever.

The former adult actress said that it was a dream come true.


Her transition from being an adult film star to being a sports columnist was really unbelievable.

Mia Khalifa promised that she will strive to be a better sports writer for her fans.


She acknowledged that she was also motivated by FanSided.com.

She is truly thankful for the fact that people read her sports articles.


Basically, it seems like she wants to prove that she has both beauty and brains.

And it looks like the sports industry is appreciating Khalifa's works.


Tyler Brooke is a reporter for the Bleacher Report and he noticed Khalifa's column.

By the way, she's seriously a huge fan of the Washington Capitals.


If you stalk her Twitter and Instagram accounts, you would easily notice this.

Oh, and you'll always see her with huge sports team shirts.


It's not like we don't like them at all, don't we?

If you want, you can "sports and chill" with her.


Do you like the fact that she's stepped away from the adult industry and is now a sports writer?

Are you a fan of Mia Khalifa?