Kylie Jenner Accused Of Copying This Famous LA Make-Up Artist

Her new collection is accused of being a total rip-off! 

Kylie Jenner Accused Of Copying This Famous LA Make-Up Artist

The 19-year-old cosmetics queen seems to be in trouble once again involving her new Holiday Collection products. LA based make-up artist, Vlada Haggerty recently came out on Instagram stating that Kylie might have ripped off certain products and promotional methods from her original content. 

This news has been circulating on social media since then and although, everyone loves the new Kylie Cosmetics products, they are seriously questioning Kylie's ethical standards. 

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Kylie's new product ethics are seriously questionable. 



Although, the new lip kit colors and products look extremely attractive, there is a chance Miss Jenner tried to copy a famous LA based make-up artist. 

Especially her new holiday goodies. 


Vlada Haggerty came out through social media expressing the fact that Kylie might have ripped off the new colors and designs.  

Is that what you see? 


Haggerty came out three days ago to state that Kylie's new 'gold creme eyeshadow' shade seriously matches a product that was released a few months ago. 

This is what Kylie released. 


Oops, Kylie deleted the above image from her account! So you can now imagine who is wrong here.

If you were to check out Haggerty's account, you'd know that Kylie tried to copy this make-up artist shamelessly.

That's not all. 


Haggerty also accused Kylie of trying to copy another one of her metallic shades without permission. Kylie didn't even mention Vlada Haggerty in the credits for it. 

Kylie still has nothing to say to this. 


Is Kylie actually trying to rip-off other people's work? 

Kylie might have also copied her signature lip dripping logo.


Do you see the resemblance? 

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There is still a lot of speculation going on. 


Even in the past, Kylie has been accused of copying work from elsewhere, but that didn't seem to have an effect on the sale of her products. 

She is still going strong. 


Let's hope this matter gets resolved quickly, and we get to have our hands on more holiday goodies soon! 

Do you think Kylie's new product ethics are questionable?