11 Most Hilarious WWE Moments Of All Time

Try not to laugh.

11 Most Hilarious WWE Moments Of All Time

If you're a big fan of WWE, you know that it's not just about wrestling. You see, wrestling alone cannot sustain such a massive and successful business as WWE.
In order to captivate the fans, stories are created. This is why creating drama and comedic moments are utilized by WWE. As fans like you and me learn more about the WWE superstars, we start rooting for them more than usual.

Through these segments, the best entertainers become more popular. These include The Rock, Steve Austin, and even Goldust.
And now, it's about time we look at the funniest wrestling moments throughout the years. Read on!

11. Daniel Bryan And Kane Attend An Anger Management Class 


Daniel Bryan and Kane were forced to work together as a tag-team, and it was definitely not something that Bryan was expecting. Because of their unusual pairing, fans didn't like it at first. But thanks to these hilarious anger management skits, fans quickly fell in love with the odd duo.

10. Vince McMahon Pees Due To Being Scared Of Stone Cold

Stone Cold is truly one of the most ferocious WWE wrestlers out there, so even Vince McMahon finds him to be a frightening individual. Well, Steve Austin made it look like he was about to shoot McMahon, but there was actually no bullet inside.
Still, that was enough for McMahon to wet himself.

9. Booker T Singing HBK'S Theme Song

Shawn Michaels has one of the most catchy and iconic entrance songs in all of WWE. And in 1998, Booker T decided to make his own version of HBK's theme song and perform it in front of Kevin Nash and X-Pac, who were both quite amused.

8. Bob Barker Making Fun Of Chris Jericho

Bob Barker is a charming old guy, and he had a lot of fun when he hosted The Price is Right at a wrestling event. Chris Jericho was absolutely pissed, but that only made things better for Bob Barker.

7. Chris Jericho Pees In William Regal's Drink

William Regal was a great WWF character. He was truly regal in every sense of the word. Sadly, Chris Jericho didn't care about him and his posh lifestyle. It was a horrifying moment when Regal took a sip of his tea.

6. William Shatner Performs WWE Superstar Theme Songs

Star Trek fans and WWE fans alike loved how William Shatner calmly performed various songs and made everyone laugh. He sang the entrance theme songs of Rey Mysterio, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels.
Due to his serious facial expression, it was hard not to laugh.

5. The Rock's Song For Vickie Guerrero

The Rock is a very charismatic performer, and nobody can argue against that. Unfortunately for Vickie Guerrero in 2013, 'The Rock' dedicated a hilarious song to her and her weight.

4. Kane Imitating The Rock And Hulk Hogan

Kane is an intimidating monster, but that didn't stop him from convincing Hulk Hogan and The Rock that he would be a fantastic wrestling ally. Just watch it! I bet you won't stop laughing once Kane speaks out.

3. Stone Cold Flooding The Ring With Beer

The Rock, Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon were trying to celebrate in the ring, but Steve Austin wanted to have his own party. He drove a huge beer truck near the ring and he made the crowd roar as he splashed all three wrestlers with massive amounts of beer.

2. Goldust Becoming The Crocodile Hunter

Goldust has been part of the wrestling business for a long time. It's as if he will never leave WWE, simply because he is appealing and talented. This is one of his most iconic performances as he imitated the late Steve Irwin to make fun of the New World Order.

1. 'The Rock' Makes Fun Of His Hell In A Cell Opponents

You have to see this immediately. The Rock was preparing to take back his championship title and he also wanted to make fun of his opponents.
Personally, I loved it when he imitated Triple H and that's a classic moment right there.

What's your favorite hilarious WWE moment?

Did you find it hilarious?