Mia Khalifa Is Totally Different In Real Life And You Have No Idea

Thank god for social media, huh?

Mia Khalifa Is Totally Different In Real Life And You Have No Idea

Nowadays, the distance between celebrities and their fans have reduced drastically, compared to just a few years earlier. And the credit for all this development can be given to the advent of social media.

While social media does have its cons, its pros do seem to be a lot more than the drawbacks. And one of those pros has got to be the added closeness that people now feel with their most adored and loved celebrities. And of the million celebrities who have millions of fans, one is Mia Khalifa, the ex-pornstar who has gone big on social media, ever since she retired from the adult industry.
Her Twitter handle lets us know a lot about how she is in real life, and that's what we have explored here. Check it out!

She enjoys holidays, just like everyone else.


But that's probably not a huge shocker anyway, right?

She never shies away from letting us know how much she supports her teams.

It's great to see her do that. Players do need support, you know.

She definitely has an awesome sense of humor.

And who in the world doesn't appreaciate that?

She's a true sports fanatic.

And her tweets reveal that side of her, especially since she went to become a full-time social media personality who focuses on sports teams in the D.C. area.

She makes hilarious vines.

Bet you didn't know about this side of her!

Now, this proves it! She's just like any of us.

After all, there's probably not one person who can't related to this (unless there's someone who doesn't have a best friend).

She has fun at work too.

Here we can see her shootting for a podcast.

Do you love Mia Khalifa?