These Handsome Men Have Redefined The Meaning Of 'Old' In 2016

Forget Chris Evans for a moment; these silver foxes will make you faint!

These Handsome Men Have Redefined The Meaning Of 'Old' In 2016

When does old age begin? For some, it's 50, while for others it's 70. Okay, now leave that! Next question.

What is the definition of being old for you? If I could read your mind, then it says, having wrinkles, weakness, pains, and aches and not being able to or like to do the things we used to do when we were young. Am I right? 

Well, I make you sure, after reading this story, you will forget the real definition of 'old'. From sporty Sterling heads to true fashion icons, the list caters many tastes.
Let's check it out.

Anthony Varrecchia



The man with a poised style! Look at the expressions of the ladies across him. It seems like, they too are surprised by his looks. Who wouldn't be?

Eric Rutherford


Those killing eyes!

Can you guess his age? Huh! Age is just a number!

Philippe Dumas


Just royal and noble looks are stealing all the eyes.

T.R. Pescod


I bet, this man is giving you style goals and you're gonna follow him. 

Aiden Brady


This grizzled model can leave everyone's eyes open. 

Garrett Swann


And, that attitude with a smile!

Alessandro Manfredini


Too classy and elegant. I think, girls are still drooling over him.

R Jack Foley


Hello sir, I would just like to say that you are very attractive.

Gianluca Vacchi


Laying down the fashion wisdom.

Seth Andrew


And, this man is fitter than any young man you know!

Now, what 'old' means to you?

Handsome Men Have Redefined The Meaning Of 'Old' In 2016

Think and rethink! And, let us know your answer in the comments section. 

Are they proving it right that 'age is just a number'?