Kylie Jenner Shares What It's Like To Wake Up In Bed With Tyga 

The couple shared a very intimate moment. 

Kylie Jenner Shares What It's Like To Wake Up In Bed With Tyga 

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have shocked fans with their PDA scenes for a long time now. This on-again-off-again-couple seem to be going pretty strong since some time and their social media accounts are proof for that. As it turns out, young Miss Jenner recently shared a very intimate picture of herself and much older boyfriend, Tyga. 

It didn't agree very well with the fans considering Kylie posted a topless picture in the honor of Tyga's birthday very recently. 

Let's find out what Miss Jenner and her boyfriend are up to right now. 

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Kylie recently celebrated Tyga's birthday. 



Obviously, it was a super big event and this is the photo that she had put up on her Instagram account to wish her much older boyfriend, Tyga. 

That was not all. 


Miss Jenner also raised eyebrows after posting pictures from her recent photo shoot with boyfriend, Tyga. So why did this photo shoot become the talk of the town? You'll find out soon enough. 

Because of this. 


For Tyga's birthday, the 19-year-old, cosmetics queen posted pictures from her latest photo shoot. 

This photo was uploaded only 2 days ago. 


Kylie Jenner is very much topless in this picture cradling Tyga in her arms as the couple shares a very intimate moment. 

But that was not it. 


According to recent updates, Miss Jenner wasn't done flaunting her relationship to the public. She also uploaded another picture this morning which clearly sent a message. 

This was the picture. 


Her caption stated, 'waking up this morning like..'

Miss Jenner surely doesn't know how to keep things in the bedroom. 


Considering the recent picture, tabloids have definitely picked up on it and it has caused a big stir in the social media community. 

She's got more photos lined up. 


In this week, Kylie was also seen posting this picture in the promotion of her new collection. It might be a completely natural turn of events for this social media queen. 

Is Miss Jenner going to defend herself? 


We haven't heard from her or any of her family members regarding this recent stunt, but probably the Kardashian-Jenners feel it's a completely normal photograph. 

Do you think Kylie should make such posts?