This Woman Breaks All Stereotypes About Modeling World With Her Alluring Figure

You need to look this one positively!

This Woman Breaks All Stereotypes About Modeling World With
Her Alluring Figure

In an industry like modelling that tends to favour tall, slim, and sexy bodies, it is actually pleasing to see plus-size models gracing the cover pages of famous magazines and ruling the ramp world. Out of all the modish fashion trends, the 'plus-size' is the one storming the internet most. The plus-size models have always proved that 'Big is Beautiful'.

Undoubtedly, these women are gaining worldwide popularity and all thanks to their beautiful and charming personalities and their fearless striving for self-expression.

But what about those models who have certainly different proportions? However, having this kind of label can be frustrating for them.

Well, Stefania Ferrario is one of those women. And, here we have hand-picked a few pictures showing her badass look.

Meet Stefania Ferrario!



Stefania, 23-year-old who works as a model and the one who withstands the practice of people like her being called 'plus-sized'.

The Australian models for lingerie to showcase the beauty of her body shape.


No matter whatsoever body shape you possess, the thing that matters the most is YOU as a person.

She does modelling for underlining the different body proportions.


A good step towards showing the world that big is beautiful.

She uploads many candid snaps on Instagram with tag #DropThePlus.


She wants people to accept the fact that not all are born with perfect body shape and size.

The tag refers to a group of activists who resist the practice of discriminating 'plus-sized' people.


They want that people should be more of accepting nature rather than call someone who is larger than a mannequin.

'I am a model', says Stefania.


She adds further, "Unfortunately, in the modelling business you get called 'plus-sized' if you're a little larger than average. I think this can have a negative effect on a model's chances of success."

We can't help but accord with her.


Stefania looks incredibly awesome!

Bold and beautiful!



The group depicts a strong message.


Maybe the unhealthy obsession of being slim will fade away shortly but be beautiful as a person will never go out of fashion.

People soon will realise that being slim is not healthy and never can be a fashion trend.


In fact, being healthy is fashionable.


Thanks to Stefania who proves that beautiful women deserve success.

Well, everyone is entitled to their own perception regarding the concept of 'plus-size'.


Of course, many people take a different view about 'plus-sized' models. 

Let us know your views in the comments section!

What's your take on the plus-size models?