Kanye West Hospitalized In Los Angeles 

Keep him in your prayers!

Kanye West Hospitalized In Los Angeles 

Kanye West cancelled the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour, and reportedly the reason is the rapper was placed under the medical observation in Los Angeles Hospital. Although no criminal activity had been committed, paramedics at the scene made the decision to hospitalise West was for 'his health & safety concerns'.

Kanye West's recent shows at Saint Pablo had recently been marred by grotesque rants, including his controversial statement from onstage about 'he would have voted for Donald Trump' in the presidential elections. 

Kanye canceled his tour.

Kanye canceled his tour.

A day after withdrawing the rest of his tour, Los Angeles Police Sheriff react to a brawl call involving Kanye West that reportedly settled with the rapper being admitted to a hospital.

According to NBC News, Kanye West is admitted to the hospital for his safety and concerns, and the rapper agreed to take medical treatment.


On Saturday, West showed up at his concert in Sacramento quite late.

On Saturday, West showed up at his concert in Sacramento quite late.

Fans were already not happy with this. As soon as he took the stage, he started ranting about Beyonce and Jay Z. He also shouted that if he had voted, he would have cast his ballot for presidential-elect, Donald Trump.

Not just this, after all, the ranting, West cuts the show short and enraged fans. Then on Monday he canceled his Saint Pablo tour as well.

As soon as the news spread worldwide, his fans and friends started Tweeting prayers for his wellness.

Praying for Kanye West.

Kanye has inspired many people, and they all showered love for him on Twitter.

Not many people understood that Kanye is not hurt physically.

Yet another Tweet that showered love for Kanye West.

9th Wonder in their Tweet mentioned the rapper and his good being. They said, mental healing takes time, get well soon Kanye West.

Well, we hope everything turns out to be good for Kanye West.

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Are you with Kanye in his hard time?