Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Shared An Adorable Moment At The AMAs

They definitely gave us relationship goals.

Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Shared An Adorable Moment At The AMAs

Zayn Malik might still be acting aloof with the One Direction bandmates, but he's warming up to girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. She happened to be the host at the MTV AMAs and Zayn being the sweet gentleman he is, couldn't have been more courteous to her. 

Zayn won the Artist Of The Year award and later, the couple shared an adorable moment backstage. 

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Zayn and Gigi have been giving us couple goals for a while now. 



Zayn Malik also won an award at the AMAs and he couldn't be happier. 

He graciously accepted the award. 


Zayn went up to the stage and his girlfriend, Gigi was very proud of him. 

Gigi looked stunning at the AMAs. 


That's how Gigi congratulated her boyfriend. 


It must have been an amazing moment for the both of them. 

But Zayn didn't thank her in his acceptance speech. 


The fans took to Twitter because Zayn didn't thank his girlfriend in his acceptance speech. 

She was also the host at the AMAs. 

But Zayn didn't even say anything about what a wonderful job she was doing as the host. 

Obviously, the fans weren't happy. 

But Zayn thanked his fans. 

He immediately took to Twitter to thank all his fans who supported him. He put up a picture of himself and captioned it as, 'We did it guys!'. 

Do you love Gigi and Zayn as a couple?