WWE Survivor Series Results: Goldberg Shocks By Dominating Brock Lesnar

Goldberg improves to 2-0 against Lesnar.

WWE Survivor Series Results: Goldberg Shocks By Dominating Brock Lesnar

The most awaited event of this year and especially for the month of November was WWE Survivor Series: 2016. As per the tradition, the team firstly played five on five men's elimination match between the Team Raw and the Team SmackDown. But the main event marked the return of Goldberg after 12 years to fight with Brock Lesnar.

The last match that Goldberg played in the ring was Wrestlemania XX, and then, he had defeated Lesnar. Once again both of them were getting one on one, and 'The Undefeated' Goldberg desperately wanted to win the match against 'The Beast', Lesnar.

Toronto hosted this epic show!


Brock Lesnar entered the ring, but it seemed as if there was no one to support him. Only a few number of his fans who cheered him up as he made his way toward the ring.

Even after 12 years of gap, this man rules the heart of his fans!

Fans went crazy over Goldberg entry, and everyone in the crowd was shouting 'Goldberg, Goldberg'. People kept on chanting his name non-stop for a long time. That's what you call an 'Action-Packed' entry.

Both of them hold their nerves before the match started.

Even after 12 years of gap, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar looked at each other as if they're fighting for a long time. Both of them gave a stare at each other before the match started.

Lesnar initiated the fight.

'The Beast' picked-up 'The Undefeated', Goldberg to the corner and then after getting rid of each other, they started again, and without wasting much time, Goldberg began the fight with two back to back spears!

And what happened later is something that people still couldn't believe.

After giving the two spears, Goldberg again attacked the Brock Lesnar with a JACKHAMMER!

This move finished the Lesnar.

And refree started to count pin. 1,2,3... and Lesnar was defeated by Goldberg.

There was no one in the crowd that didn't celebrate this WIN!

Goldberg started feeling emotional, and he turned to his family in the crowd. He even kissed his child. A few moments later, he brought his child into the ring and by holding his one hand, he declared him as the WINNER.

Goldberg is now having a 2-0 lead over Lesnar. Though he said this would be his last match, people have already started expecting a Wrestlemania 33 rematch.

Well, let time decide the fate of these two wrestlers.


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