This Is Why Kim Chose Blac Chyna Over Her Own Sister Kylie

She confesses why she was against her own sister. 

This Is Why Kim Chose Blac Chyna Over Her Own Sister Kylie

In the recent episode of KUWTK, Kim Kardashian was spotted speaking to her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe about when she came to know the love affair between her youngest sister, Kylie and much older rapper, Tyga. 

Kim didn't approve of the relationship and thought Kylie wasn't doing the right thing. 

Check out how Kim explains all this to her sisters. 

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Kylie and Tyga have been an item for quite some time now. 



But did you know what Kim thought of them initially? 

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Kim wasn't very happy about this. 


Kim was always on good terms with Blac Chyna. Even before Chyna started dating Kim's brother, Rob Kardashian. 

Tyga was actually Chyna's fiance before he met Kylie. 


Tyga and Chyna also have a baby boy, Cairo. Kim started to think Kylie broke up a family. Did she really? 

Is that why Kim wasn't comfortable with the relationship? 


In the recent clip, Kim also admitted that Tyga is much older than Kylie. That might be the cause of discomfort for Kim Kardashian when she came to know about the relationship. 

She also felt odd about Rob and Chyna. 


If that's the case, Kim eventually came around accepting both the relationships. 

After all, they are siblings. 


Kim is happy knowing that both her siblings are happier in their lives with their respective partners.

Check out what Kim had to say about Chyna and Kylie. 

Do you think Kim should take sides?