Former Adult Star Mia Khalifa Puts Another Pro Athlete On Blast...

When will they learn?

Former Adult Star Mia Khalifa Puts Another Pro Athlete On

Mia Khalifa is the adult video sensation who has recently left the porn industry behind. Besides being the famous ex-porn star, Mia Khalifa is a sports fan. And because of the popularity and semi-celebrity status associated with her, many athletes try to get involve with her on social media which somehow always goes dicey for them very swiftly.

Well, this time Mia Khalifa got another professional athlete into hot water.
 So guys, let's take this as a warning to anyone thinking about sliding into DMs of ex-porn star Mia Khalifa as this athlete recently did.

The adult film star and Seminoles superfan Mia Khalifa.



Mia always has something to reveal on social media and this time she revealed about famous athletes.

She has a habit of destroying sportsman using Twitter.

Duke Williams is just one of the men that Mia embarrassed publically. She posted the conversation with high-profile American football star on Twitter.

And after that, it was Le'Veon Bell who fell into the Twitter trap of Mia.

After coming back from three-game suspension, Le'Veon tweeted a clip of Khalifa lip-syncing his one of freestyle raps.

This obviously caused rage among the fans of the athlete.

Of course, this was bound to happen.

Comments clearly revealed that the fans weren't pleased.

And they took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

 To ignite the whole matter Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell retweeted.

OMG! The former adult star will not let men get away with trying to talk to her.

Chad Kelly of the Ole Miss Rebels was also shamed and shut down by Mia.

Perhaps he messed up with the wrong porn star.

And let's not forget it is the first time Mia exposed sports star.

Do you remember the feisty conversation between Mia and minor-league hockey player Tom Sestito?

She even shamed the sporting star and minor hockey pro Tom, who evidently insulted Mia after trash-talking the Hershey Bears' Liam O'Brien.

Tweet battle!

Ofcourse, cold war of comments!

A warning to all those who try to slide into Mia's DM:


Not that Mia is a prude or something. It is just that she has even used her sex appeal and popularity gained from her previous line of work to try to lure athletes to FSU.

I hope these guys get it one day – Don't mess with Mia Khalifa.

Is Mia doing this right?