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10 Most Beautiful First Ladies In The History Of America

The United States presidential election is over, and Donald Trump has taken over as the President of the most powerful economy in the world. Social media was flooded with posts about the dramatic victory of Trump, but not everyone was rejoicing. Heartfelt wishes were simultaneously pouring in for the Obamas who have secured a highly respectable place in every individual's heart. It is indeed difficult to forget this classy family that never gave a chance to point fingers at them. 

Besides the Presidents, their wives - who we refer as first ladies - also hog a lot of limelight for various reasons. They are expected to be social, smart, stylish, be a good orator and a good wife and also a great support system for their husbands. And if they are hot and beautiful, then some extra brownie points flow in their kitty. Those of you who have seen Melania Trump's pictures from past and present will instantly be able to relate. Let us take a walk down the memory lane and see who are the most beautiful first ladies to rule the American continent with their husbands. 

10 Most Beautiful First Ladies In The History Of America

10 Most Beautiful First Ladies In The History Of America

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Frances Cleveland (1893-1897)

Frances Cleveland

Charming and sexy, Frances Cleveland was the first woman to experience what it means to be the First Lady of such a powerful nation. Her youth and beauty knew no bounds and we are sure Grover Cleveland had no complaints whatsoever.   

Grace Coolidge (1923-1929) 

Grace Coolidge

Wife of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, Grace Coolidge was known for her beautiful eyes and sexy smile that could brighten up any dull day. She had an envious figure and often dressed in revealing clothes. 

Jacqueline Kennedy (1961-1963) 

Jacqueline Kennedy

Smart and sassy, Jacqueline Kennedy was blessed with an infectious smile and a pretty face. Known as a fashion icon in her days, some of her outfit styles are still quite popular. Married to John F. Kennedy, Jackie was an amazing horseback rider and fit AF. 

Pat Nixon (1969-1974)

Pat Nixon

The first First Lady to ever hold a university degree, Pat Nixon was known to have a compassionate nature. The hazel-eyed lady - who was married to Richard Nixon - ran many children's homes and fetched a place in everyone's heart. Unfortunately, she left for her heavenly abode in 1981 due to lung cancer. 

Rosalynn Carter (1977-1981)

Rosalynn Carter

Married to Jimmy Carter - the 39th president of the United States, Rosalynn ensured an active participation in politics and governance in her husband's administration. Her selfless humanitarian work and elegant dressing have fetched her a spot in the hottest First Ladies of America. 

Nancy Reagan (1981-1989)

Nancy Reagan

Wife of Ronald Reagan who served as the 40th President of America, Nancy was an actor before she got married. She had a great fashion sense and was often criticized for donning clothes made by the top designers but she gave a damn to it and continued to upkeep her sense of style. 

Hillary Clinton (1993-2001)

Hillary Clinton

Having lost the American Presidential election this year, Hillary Clinton - wife of Bill Clinton - must be upset but let us give her a reason to smile by accepting that she is one of the most beautiful and indisputably the most powerful First Ladies that the United States ever had. Bold and beautiful, Clinton is one helluva smart lady with a rare combination of beauty with brains. 

Laura Bush (2001-2009)

Laura Bush

One of the reasons for her husband George W. Bush's great fan following is Laura Bush who was quite actively involved in the campaigns driven by her husband. During her tenure as the First Lady, she initiated a number of programs on education and health care. 

Michelle Obama (2008-2016)

Michelle Obama

Elegant and graceful, Michelle Obama is undoubtedly the hottest First Lady in the history of America. With a fit, hot bod that could carry anything with elan, Mrs. Barrack Obama is class personified.

Melania Trump (Wife of the President-elect)

Melania Trump (Wife of the President-elect)

I can hear the drum rolls and whistles already! Here comes the sizzling Melania Trump who will assume the role of First Lady of America in January next year. She is another very important reason for people to be jealous of Donald Trump. 

Do you think Melania Trump will do justice to the list?

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