Brad Pitt Is Struggling To Move On After Split From Angelina Jolie

Brad says 'not ready to love again'. 

Brad Pitt Is Struggling To Move On After Split From Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt, 52, is in a terrible place after his split with Angelina Jolie, 41. He's spent 12 years with Angie being her life partner and he feels he's not ready to move on as yet. Brad Pitt is having a difficult time finding love again and doesn't want to be involved in any relationships as of now. 

He's still pretty shocked and heart-broken over his marriage. Let's find out more on this.

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Brad isn't able to get over his divorce. 



Friends like George Clooney are urging him to be more social and get out more, but Brad just won't leave the house. 

Brad wouldn't even go to Clooney's Halloween party. 


Luckily, Brad has work commitments to keep him busy and occupied. 

He has work to focus on. 


Right now, Brad just wants to get through the tough times by keeping himself busy with work. 

He still can't see his kids. 


He was accused of some child abuse allegations, but fortunately, he cleared those and that's how he's been able to re-connect with his kids. 

He wants to make his kids a priority. 


But he's still heartbroken because of the divorce with Angie, but he's doing his best to see his kids as of now. 

So will Brad Pitt ever be able to move on? 


Only time will tell. 

This is why Angelina didn't allow Brad to see the kids.

Immediately after the divorce, Angelina called the shots by not letting Brad visit the kids. Considering the child abuse allegations, she had to keep the children with her until Brad was cleared. 

Brad finally met his kids. 

As it turns out, Brad was able to re-unite with his kids except his son, Maddox. 

Do you think Brangelina should patch-up?