Is Kim Quitting Her Career To Become Kylie And Kendall's Manager?

Can she make a sacrifice?

Is Kim Quitting Her Career To Become Kylie And Kendall's Manager?

In the recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian mentioned that she wants to help Kris Jenner out by managing the young girls of the family. Kris has been all their managers and Kim would love to take over to ease out Kris' responsibilities.

Furthermore, Kris felt that she was exhausted by so much on her hands and that's why Kim decided to help her out. Is this the end of Kim's career? 

Let's find out. 

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Kim expressed that she might become the manager for her sisters. 



Kim was seen trying to console Kris after she saw that she had been pretty exhausted lately. Kim decided that she might help Kris. 

Does this mean an end of Kim's career? 


Although, we'd hate to see Kim let go of her amazing social media presence to help her sisters out, but she'd do anything for her family.

Will she help out her sisters? 


Nothing is decided as yet. Initially, Kris couldn't find a date for Kylie for a gig in Australia and Kim wanted to help with that. 

Kim is a great elder sister. 


She says that she has fun ideas and her sisters value her opinions as well. 

The Kardashian sisters are very close. 


That's the reason why Kim wanted to help out Kris and manage for her sisters. 

She feels like she can totally handle this. 


So, are we looking at the new manager for Kylie and Kendall? 

Check out this video clip to know the full story. 

Will it matter to you if Kim leaves social media?