11 Most Memorable Moments In WWE History

Wrestling is absolutely crazy.

11 Most Memorable Moments In WWE History

Watching WWE isn't something that's meant to always entertain you in the best way possible. Sometimes, there are moments that will make you react unexpectedly.
I remember seeing Zach Gowen fight Brock Lesnar, and that was horrifying.

But what are the most stunning moments in WWE history? Find out for yourself.

11. Edge Versus John Cena 


Edge was always a formidable WWE superstar, but it was this moment that made us know how strong he is.
As soon as John Cena won at New Year's Revolution in 2006, Edge cashed in his case, forcing John Cena to fight him. Of course, Cena lost to Edge.  

10. Ring Collapse

Big Show is a massive wrestler, and seeing him fight Brock Lesnar is just absolutely stunning.
Once Lesnar carried Big Show and slammed him down the ring, it collapsed and everyone was shocked.

9. CM Punk's Confession

Everyone knows that WWE fights are scripted, but CM Punk was the one who revealed the truth about the professional wrestling business to a huge audience. He noted how painful it was to be in the business.

8. Marella's WWE Debut

In 2007, Umaga was the WWE Intercontinental Champion and Vince McMahon was inviting anyone to try to beat Umaga.
Well, Marella made his debut and with a little help from Bobby Lashley, he won the championship too.

7. Shane McMahon Versus Steve Blackman

I truly believe that Shane McMahon is one of the best wrestlers out there. He's athletic, entertaining, and truly fearless.
Likewise, this specific match showed Shane McMahon 50 feet above the ground and eventually landing dow. You have to see it.

6. ECW Winning A WWE Championship Title

In 2006, ECW made a surprising return. Sure, the hype died, but nobody will forget the moment when ECW's Rob Van Dam defeated John Cena and took his championship belt.

5. Shawn Michaels Versus Bret Hart At Survivor Series

This incident was known as the Montreal Screwjob and it was quite infamous. Bret Hart was nearing victory, but Vince McMahon interfered and this led to his defeat.

4. Vince McMahon's Royal Rumble Injury

In 2005, Batista was facing off against John Cena at the Royal Rumble. He was supposed to take Cena out of the ring, but he also fell down.
This forced Vince McMahon to get out and order the match to continue. But in the process, he tore his quads.

3. Joey Mercury's Ladder Accident

Even if all fights are scripted, accidents can never be prevented all the time. During Armageddon in 2006, he immediately broke his nose once a ladder hit him.

2. Undertaker Slamming Foley From Above The Cell

This is as brutal as it gets. If you're wondering why many fans have a lot of respect for Mick Foley, you must watch this.

1. Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack

Jerry Lawler isn't exactly the best WWE commentator out there, but he totally didn't deserve this. On Monday Night Raw, he suddenly collapsed and he had to be taken to the hospital. Thankfully, he survived.

What do you think is the most surprising moment in WWE history?

Do you believe WWE is scripted?