Gigi Hadid Goes Completely Nude For Allure Magazine 

Can you guess what prop did she use?

Gigi Hadid Goes Completely Nude For Allure Magazine 

Supermodel and Vogue star, Gigi Hadid, has made headlines in her recent Allure magazine cover. In the December edition of the magazine, Gigi has bared it all in the photo shoot and we're dying to see her new bold and sexy avatar. 

Don't believe us yet? Check out the pictures for yourself. 

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Gigi Hadid's career is on the highest peak of her career these days. 



She's seen to be the spokesperson for Tommy Hilfiger. 

This is her Vogue Japan cover. 


Wanna see more pics from this shoot? Stay tuned. 

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Isn't she flawless? 


The diva is all set to make everyone's jaw drop with her absoulte beauty.


She's gorgeous! 

Miss Hadid has an unconditional love for horses. 


But why are we talking about her love for horses? You'll see. 

This is her recent Allure magazine cover. 


Gigi Hadid happened to pose completely nude for this shoot. The only prop she used for this one was a horse. 

Here's the photo. 

Shocked? And she looks simply ravishing!.

What do you think? 


Do you think Gigi Hadid is indeed alluring?