7 Videos That Prove Donald Trump Is Actually Better For Middle East

If you think not, then these clips will blow your mind!

7 Videos That Prove Donald Trump Is Actually Better For Middle East

The owner of 515 companies unexpectedly came out as the winner of the presidential election, and that too against a lady who served America for more than 30 years. When a billionaire from America started his campaign for the American Presidency, no one ever thought that he'd win. All the mainstream media was against Donald Trump, they portrayed him unfit, and a threat to the White House.

Barack Obama was supporting Hillary against Donald, and he also pointed at the negative lifestyle of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, people forgot that every coin has two sides. He not only became the American President-elect but also came out as more clean, humble and respectful towards the position that he is chosen to hold. Billionaire president-elect even announced that he'd not take any salary as president of America. Isn't that a big thing? Maybe, he really can 'Make America Great Again.'

Not just this, he has put his views on almost everything, and most importantly on American foreign policy, and guess what? Donald Trump's opinion about Libya, Iran, Iraq, and immigrants are so powerful that he can outperform Obama in one year if he implements all of them successfully.

Watch these clips and decide yourself.


We've tracked down some of his strong statements. Trump's influential views on the different nations will push you to think twice. As Barack Obama said, let's give him a chance.

Donald Trump on handling Syria.

Looking at Trump's approach and confidence, it'd not be wrong to say that Donald Trump's foreign policy is going to be better than Obama's.

The Democratic Party ruled the USA for more than eight years, and it is clear that they've handled Syria and ISIS poorly, said Trump. 

There are certain things that Donald Trump has announced, like the ban on Muslims to enter the US, and repealing Obamacare, but all of us know that he'd not do this. People don't need to react on this. It was just a scary warning.

He believes America ruined Afganistan.

And that's true up to some extent. America was angry after the attacks of 9/11, which lead them to the invasion of Afghanistan.

"The military can never bring peace in this world; they should be used to secure our borders, not to control other nations." - Donald Trump

He kept some high points in media about Libya.

The American policy of intervention in Libya has become a complete failure. Libya has not only failed to evolve as a democracy, but it has developed into a failed state.

Donald Trump said the US had destabilized the Middle East.

And speaking further on this, he also claimed that America's decision to mark its presence in Iraq was a complete disaster.

This old clip of Donald Trump ensures that he is always worried about the US.

American action on Serbia caused deaths in huge numbers. America in a way caused trouble to Serbian land and their people. Do would you still believe Trump is a threat to our society?

And he knows the military intervention is not a solution.

Trump clearly said that military interventions are not going to bring world peace. He wants to promote western civilization and wants to strengthen its roots. Only positive reforms around the world can lead to satisfaction between the nations.

What these clips prove? Was Donald Trump intentionally portrayed as a danger to American society by mainstream media for obvious reasons? Share your views in the comment box.

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Do you think Donald Trump's foreign policies are better for the Middle East?