Mia Khalifa Can't Stop Getting Into Feuds With Professional Athletes

This adult actress isn't backing down.

Mia Khalifa Can't Stop Getting Into Feuds With Professional Athletes

Mia Khalifa is a tough woman. Yes, she is a porn star who acts like a submissive lady to rowdy, naked men, but she's feisty in real life. Mia Khalifa is indeed beautiful, but she won't give up when it comes to sports. And if you're going to discuss how awful her favorite athletes are, prepare for the wrath of Mia Khalifa. Read on!

Mia Khalifa absolutely loves sports.



In fact, she's more of a sports analyst now than a porn star.

Since she is famous, several athletes love to interact with her online.


Honestly, who wouldn't want to have a chance to talk to Mia Khalifa?

Recently, Le'Veon Bell from the Pittsburgh Steelers talked to Mia Khalifa.


Will Mia Khalifa entertain a professional athlete like him?

Le'Veon Bell recently helped the Pittsburgh Steelers in effectively beating the Kansas City Chiefs.


This happened after he was allowed to play again once he was free from suspension.

Le'Veon Bell liked the fact that Mia Khalifa did a lip-sync video of his rap.

Le'Veon Bell made a freestyle rap, and Mia Khalifa apparently liked it.

Because of his post, a lot of fans became angry at him.

They couldn't stand the fact that he would associate himself with Mia Khalifa.

Obviously, a lot of people aren't big fan of Mia Khalifa.

It's alright since people should respect each other's right to state their opinions.

This response was particularly hilarious.

Some of Bell's fans know that interacting with Mia Khalifa online can lead to bad things.

Previously, Mia Khalifa humiliated Chad Kelly.

This is because Chad Kelly wanted her to add him on Snapchat. Of course, Mia was not a fan and promptly posted this after Kelly's team lost.

Likewise, Mia Khalifa has also battled hockey player Tom Sestito on Twitter.

Tom Sestito also had a feud with Liam O'Brien from the Hershey Bears.

Thankfully, Mia Khalifa doesn't always intimidate athletes on Twitter.


Sometimes, she just wants to play with her dog.

Still, everyone should be careful around Mia Khalifa when it comes to sports.


In which industry do you like Mia more?