These Nations Decided To Remove Brand Names From Cigarette Packs For A Shocking Reason

Does this law put our life at risk?

These Nations Decided To Remove Brand Names From Cigarette Packs For A Shocking Reason

The Australian government imposed 'Tobacco Plain Packaging Act' in December 2012. The Act prevents tobacco companies from branding their products. The Australian government, in December 2012, initiated simple cigarette packets with cancer pictures and large bold letters, advising smokers: SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH. The government believes this will decrease a smokers' 'need' to smoke. They also named it as homogeneous packaging, hoping this will prevent consumers from buying these products, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle.

My friend who lives in Australia, told me about plain packaging for cigarettes, in which the carton has pictures of cancer wounds on it. Though it is annoying, it hasn't deterred people from using tobacco.

If I want to light a cigarette, I will. It's my favorite pastime. If I want to pick a soft drink, then who're you to stop me? The government needs to understand, this would not stop us from smoking tobacco. Also, it's an attempt to attack the intellectual property rights of these brands.

Let's find out how successful or unsuccessful the Australian was.

Effects of this act:

Remove Brand Names From Cigarette Packets

The ban has caused a lot of trouble in Australia. Post plain packaging of tobacco products, illegal sales of cigarettes have increased by 21%. And why is the government such a hypocrite? Everybody knows the state earns huge revenues from taxes on these commodities; they can't simply ban it. That's why it is so important to raise your voice for #NoPlainPackaging.


And now UK & Canadian government wants to do the same.

Remove Brand Names From Cigarette Packets

It's funny how the UK and the Canadian government also think that #PlainPackaging tobacco items will encourage a healthy lifestyle. They also plan to raise taxes on these items to promote healthy eating for citizens, without finding out the reality of plain packaging effectiveness.

If not anything, then at least the Canadian government can learn from the big failure that Australia has faced while imposing the ban on branding tobacco and how futile plain packaging is. No government can just impose a law on their citizen against their will.

You never know, tomorrow they might ask you to ban healthy food. This law is a threat to #MyFreedomOfChoice and #RightToChoice. We need to fight it.

Do you support #NoPlainPackaging and #FreedomOfChoice?