10 Lesser Known Facts About John Abraham You Missed 

In my life, struggle will go on -John Abraham

10 Lesser Known Facts About John Abraham You Missed 

We all know about Bollywood's hunkiest star John Abraham but little are we aware of his inspiring journey from a model to an actor to a superstar.

This model turned actor's journey has been nothing short of a dream. His life has never been a cakewalk. However, that did not stop him from proving himself and his mettle as an excellent performer.

More than his attractive looks, he's also amazing as a person. Here are some of the unknown facts about him you'd never have guessed.

John is his biblical name



The actor turned producer's real name is Farhan Israni as he was born to a Nasrani father and a Parsi mother.

He is highly educated


John holds a degree of Masters and is among the highest educated Bollywood stars. Whoa!

He sleeps naked!


The actor who likes to keep his personal life private revealed a juicy secret that he loves sleeping naked.

Well, girls...this piece of information will leave you hot and bothered!

He was no 'star kid'


Even though he entered the industry without any godfather and with a lot of struggle, he surprised everyone with his acting skills and has become a proud member of the 100-crore club with hit movies like Housefull 2 and Race 2.

John hates going to clubs, late night parties and yes, award ceremonies.


Whaaaaaaat! We always assumed that John is a kind of person who would love to attend dance clubs and parties (considering his reel life characters) but to our surprise, John hates going to dance clubs. Also, he hardly attends award ceremonies.

John in one word – Simple!


The humble John Abraham loves staying very basic and simple. He doesn't love wearing new clothes every time and also is not that much into fashion. He tries to be comfortable in his own skin.

John loves wearing slippers combined with tee even when on TV


His co-stars always tell him to replace his chappals with shoes but he has very resolute middle-class principles, which he is never ashamed of.

John takes pride in using public transport rather than his own vehicles.


The actor tells that his mum travels by auto and dad by bus and so does he. He takes his values as his plus point.

About his collection!


John bought his first bike (Yamaha RD350) at age of 18 and now he is the Indian brand ambassador of Yamaha and Reebok.

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