Did You Know Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar Is Not Indian?

Wondering how this can be true? Find the answer.

Did You Know Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar Is Not Indian?

If you trace the journey of Akshay Kumar as a model turned actor, you'll find he has achieved a lot in his life. Living in India for so many years, there's a very interesting fact about the superstar you were unaware about. What if we tell you that he doesn't hold an Indian citizenship?

Akshay Kumar fans wouldn't be happy to know this , but our government doesn't count him as an Indian citizen. Akshay is a Canadian citizen. Wondering when and how did this happen?

Well, that's an interesting story!

Akshay calls himself a big fan of Canada.



In an interview, Akshay Kumar added, "I have a strong affiliation with Canada and also have dual citizenship. It's a place that I love-the open terrain, the scenery, the wide roads and the clean streets. It's the complete contrast of my homeland, although I love India for all the different reasons and it's my home."

Did you know: Akshay Kumar is honored with a doctorate from The University of Windsor, in Ontario, Canada for his social work.

But how did he become a Canadian?


Well, Akshay Kumar was offered a Canadian citizenship from the government of Canada, and he simply accepted it. The troubles he faced later was, the Indian government does not allow dual citizenships to residents of India.

As India had left him with an option to choose one citizenship, Akshay Kumar decided to go for the Canadian citizenship.

Did you know: Canadian citizenship that he has received is only because of his work in the "Indian cinema."

Is he planning to move Canada then?


No, not yet. Akshay Kumar won't be leaving India. His stardom is at peak, and he is doing everything he can, from acting to directing and even producing some pictures under his banner Hari Om Productions. The action hero from India is planning to drown himself in the business world. But, he has particular intends to move to Canada.

Now when he has a Canadian citizenship, this is what he plans to do!


Our tipster from the industry informed us that, Akshay Kumar is planning to invest big time properties in Canada. He is planning to build Malls and Hotels there. Akshay has earned a huge fan base in India, and now he's trying to expand his Canadian and British fan following.

Keeping the Canadian citizenship was a smart move from him to invest money in the Canadian market efficiently.

But, why did he prefer Canada?


Akshay explained, "There is so much common between India and Canada. Both countries are multicultural and allow freedom of religion and speech. When I ran with the Olympic Torch here in December in -20 degrees, thousands of people came out, and it was great to see them cheering me."

Canada has always fascinated me, and when I'm not in India, you'll find me in Canada, said Akshay.

So, it's sure that Canada loves Akshay and vice-versa!


But, looking at Akshay's excitement about Canada and its culture, it'd not be wrong to say that he'll be moving to Canada after his retirement from the acting career. And even Akshay was spotted saying that Canada has a special place in his heart.

He's the only Indian actor to receive Canadian citizenship.


Akshay Kumar remains the only Indian actor to receive Canadian citizenship. He has even accepted it. The action star has shot many films in Canada and is always promoting it through one or other ways, but as long as he is entertaining us with his blockbuster movies, we don't mind his citizenship.


Will this stop you from watching his movies?