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Twin Quakes Spread Terror In New Zealand (Photos)

New Zealand is suffering from the aftershocks of the earthquake of 7.8 Magnitude that arrived at the coastal area of New Zealand on November 13, 2016.

People have witnessed serious damage to their properties. Around 200 miles of the coastal zone, is still under a warning for citizens, to remain on higher grounds.

Two people are confirmed to have died after frequent tremors struck at the midnight according to their local time. The epicenter of the earthquake was 60 miles from Christchurch and has caused severe damage to the Kaikoura area.

Pictures captured by the civilians depict the seriousness of the natural disaster. Let's find out. 

Twin Quakes Spread Terror In New Zealand (Photos)

Twin Quakes Spread Terror In New Zealand (Photos)

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Twin Quakes in New Zealand!

New Zealand Earthquake

Hours after the earthquake had come and gone; New Zeland witnessed the aftershocks that are usually light and quiet on the Richter Scale, but this time, the shock didn't seem to be satisfied with the disaster it has already caused in the nation. 

The new tremor hits New Zealand around 13:45 pm (local time) at a depth of 6 miles, northeast of Christchurch. And later in the midnight, the quake of the same depth had hit the same area.

The highway on the south island faced huge cracks. Residents living near Clarence River are requested to move on the higher grounds, as the landslides may cause it to overflow.

Map representation of the quake.

New Zealand Earthquake

The quake recorded of not more than 7.4, according to Richter Scale, but US Geological department has upgraded it to 7.8 magnitudes.

Richard Bicknell.

New Zealand Earthquake

He tweeted this picture of his kitchen area, saying: "Cheers for the concern all, everything's ok, here's kitchen."

Cordon line in Wellington.

New Zealand Earthquake

Debris from the building fell everywhere, and people started coming out of their apartments as weak structures were expected to fall.

Scared guests in the hotel gathered at the car parking.

New Zealand Earthquake

Tourists gathered outside the hotel area wrapping themselves in the blanket to prevent any mishap. Many guests came out immediately leaving their luggage in the hotel.

Wellington remains the primary place where quake hits hardly!

New Zealand Earthquake

The tsunami alert spotted on the notice board above State Highway. Reportedly, there was some news regarding roads cracking.

Residents captured some of the most terrible moments in their cameras.

New Zealand Earthquake

A chef tourist in the New Zealand who lives near the beach said in an interview, "Thought of tsunami is always scary; we live not too far from the beach."

Images from a Library in Wellington.

New Zealand Earthquake

Tiles fell from the wall. Fortunately, the library was closed, so no human life was in danger. When securities heard the sound, they witnessed this.

Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management was active all night long.

New Zealand Earthquake

They were also trying to keep people updated through their Tweets. The first Tweet from them was, "A tsunami has been generated, the first wave has arrived in the North Eastern Coast of the South Island."

Dixon Street.

New Zealand Earthquake

People evacuated near Dixon Street, Wellington, after the initial disaster struck in the larger parts of the country, and capital.

Different stores faced a lot of damage.

New Zealand Earthquake

Wine shop images from the supermarket.

Bottles from the shelves fell, leaving the remains of red wine and the pieces of glass on the floor.

Another picture from the supermarket!

New Zealand Earthquake

Damage to the properties and structures is reported. The rescue team is at work, until this time, people are safe and sound.

Dummies lie on the ground in a clothing store.

New Zealand Earthquake

A 20-years old reported, "When it started, it was huge so I thought it was going to be short, but it kept going for a good few minutes and felt like the second floor was going to fall."

The girl also added, "Very quickly you realize it's an earthquake because I've felt one before. "But this was a different level. I honestly thought it was going to last for 20 minutes or longer.

"I live in the second storey of a flat, and it was like a rolling feeling from the house. The aftershocks have felt like we're a ship at sea.

"She said the tremor lasted around five minutes, but it felt like forever".

Richard Bicknell's another Tweet.

"Our chimney thought it would introduce itself to the neighbors." In 2011, the earthquake that New Zealand witnessed was silent on the Richter Scale, only 6.8.

It was totally a new experience for some of them.

He said: "The earthquake was intense, the whole house was moving a considerable amount - doors, lights were swaying.

"We have experienced many quakes in the South Island, none have ever lasted as long as this one did.

"Initially I was not too concerned, then because of the duration we had a concern that the quake would become stronger and it did.

"After I guess a minute the earthquake reached its peak."

Wakefield Street, Wellington.

Another image from the street that got damaged.

Warning Tweet!

People received warnings immediately. Tsunami wasn't expected, but looking at the scenario and damage caused, the government decided not to take any further risks and announced through all the possible ways. 

The rescue team is working at their best, and many nations have offered their help to New Zealand. Prayers are strong; they travel far. We hope that everything settles down in New Zealand.

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