Brave Mother’s Battle With Breast Cancer Captured In Powerful Photos

Pregnant mother and her bravery captured in pictures.

Brave Mother’s Battle With Breast Cancer Captured In Powerful Photos

Women are incredibly courageous, and if a woman decides, she can change the world, conquering all odds and obstacles.

Today, we take pride in talking about one such woman who has battled with Cancer with inspiring bravery. She has proved that cancer is not an illness or a problem; in fact, it is ONLY a phase of life which will pass away. This lady here battled breast cancer while she was pregnant and her attitude towards dealing was remarkable.

I am sure her inspiring photos will make you believe that women are capable of anything.

Image Source: Kimi Maxwell

Kimi Maxwell, an Australian mother.


It was 2014 when Kimi got pregnant for the second time in her life and then she perceived this disturbing news.

It was Cancer.

She learned that she had breast cancer. But it didn't stop her.

She never thought of getting an abortion out of fear.

Maxwell fought hard throughout her pregnancy. It was difficult for her, but she did not quit. *Salute*

She had an impossible choice...

To choose between saving her unborn child's life or her own.

Maxwell did not choose and continued her pregnancy.

She underwent double mastectomy while battling for her life.

Meanwhile, she decided to have the raw black-and-white photo shoot.

Yes, she posed, showing her healing scars. She had pictures of herself with the growing baby bump.

A powerful pose 'I survived'.

This is a great victory. One of her poses revealed 'I survived' written across her chest and 'So did I' over her baby bump.

And finally, Kimi proved herself by defeating all her odds.

She gave birth to her child. And she won.

And no doubt, her positivity, and strength gleamed through her pictures.

Photographer Nikki Holmes wrote on Facebook, "She wanted to bare all to help raise awareness".

After that, baby and mom posed for another celebratory shot.

They are real survivors. Kimi is now in respite and has finished her reconstructive surgery.

Her story is truly an inspirational one.

Did her story motivate you to stay brave in hard times?