8 Tweets From Barack Obama Lovers That Trump Won't Like

People are missing Barak Obama.

8 Tweets From Barack Obama Lovers That Trump Won't Like

As this election season fades away, a strange sensation has taken over America, and that is of missing their favorite President Barack Obama. Now obviously, people disagree with some of Obama's policy decisions but this does not stop them from respecting him.

Millions of people took to social media to express their feeling about Obama not being their president after 2016 ends. Apart from his political achievements as president, Obama, in his 8-year tenure, has won the title of "People's leader", someone every citizen could connect with.

He played around with kids on basketball fields, surprised his employees with birthday cakes, his gesture of love and compassion for everyone was something impeccable.

1) Walt doesn't want Barack Obama to go.


It's always hard to say good bye.

2) C.Whetro wants to call it a day.

Well, that's how he wants to express his concern.

3) UziShi just can't say goodbye.

I must say, it's not your fault.

4) Ellise wanted Barak Obama to be her godfather.

Now that's cute, right?

5) El wanted to thank lord for eight years with Barak Obama.

Well that's true. He's one of the greatest president U.S. has seen.

6) Free bird saw tears in Obama's eye's.

He is the man who pulled America out from the great depression.

7) PrincessD wants to thank Barack Obama for 8 years.

Obama taught people to have faith in themselves.

8) Chris Rocky just wanted to say that he'll miss President Obama.

Well nothing new, all of us will miss President Barack Obama.

Do you think any other US President will ever be able to match his persona?