This Actress Is Celebrating Donald Trump's Victory In The Bold Way

She chose the sexiest way to celebrate Trump's victory.

This Actress Is Celebrating Donald Trump's Victory In The Bold Way

Right from the moment, when honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke the news of banning on Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes, the entire nation has lost its temper and are engaged in managing the finances further, this lady is busy celebrating the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

We doubt any of Trump's follower might have chosen this out of the box way to express her happiness towards Donal Trump's Triumph over Hillary in US elections.


She is none other than Sofia Hayat.



Ex Bigg Boss contestant and former girlfriend of Indian Rohit Sharma.

Sofia Hayat seems to be a big follower of the 45th US President, Donald Trump.


She proved her love for Trump, when she posted the image above on her official instagram account and her caption reads ''And its been an amzing day! He is exposing the hoax of Global warming and will expose a lot more #trump#president#nomorereptillianrule#ayahuasca#dmt''

At the same time she also expressed her detestation towards Hillary Clinton.


When she came into limelight for her statement against Hillary.(Image above)

While everyone around was clueless of what next, after Modi's powerful ban...


Sofia was confused about which Bra would help her in getting the perfect shape for her assets. She posted an image on instagram, with two different bras on. The image was captioned as follows: 2 different bras..2 different shapes..Calvin Klein versus Victoria Secret. What look do you want? I have to say both are comfortable but I prefer Victoria Secret bra anyday!

Earlier Sofia managed to remain in the news.


When she went all bare, after her then rumoured partner Cricketer Rohit Sharma performed outstandingly in an ODI.

After numerous publicity stunts of this type...


Sofia made a shocking announcement, which again proved to be an effort to grab eyeballs. Sofia suddenly appeared on Instagram, donning the avatar of a nun and claiming herself as a holy mother (video).

Sofia even announced publicly that...

Actress Is Celebrating Donald Trump's Victory

''She has withdrawn herself from all "worldly pleasures" and will never marry or have children.''

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Whom would you prefer?