America's Outrage After Trump Won The Presidency Is Shocking

Make America grave again!

America's Outrage After Trump Won The Presidency Is Shocking

American elections have already ended, and the whole world knows who is the next president of America. I'm lying on my bed thinking about everything that worked for Donald Trump and didn't work for Hillary. While I was digging deep for the reasons, my subconscious mind attacked with a classic line at me, which Donald Trump said during the third presidential debate.

He said, "I'll not accept election results if they're against me. I'll challenge for re-voting." Not just this, he has used many such outrageous words that will send chills down your spine if you're human and care for humanity and world peace. Well, this line made me wonder, if Donald Trump can, then why not Hillary?

Social Media platforms are trending with a large number of protests that are still going on in America, and it is clearly visible people have not accepted Donald Trump as their President.

Scroll below and see everything that's going on there.

New York is protesting against Donald Trump in huge numbers.


Twitter is trending again because of Donald Trump, but this time they've used and an extra word before his name, Anit-Trump. People who're against Trump marched all night in America, and want Hillary and Obama to call for a re-election.

It looks like small children are smarter than half of the Americans.

Listen to this, just listen to this, and you'll understand how Donald Trump has scared innocent minds. Kids who should be part of a sports team in their schools have now become part of this dirty American politics.

People don't want to see Trump as their president.

The presidential elections this year are the ugliest in the history of America. People are exhausted and tired of listening to the rubbish and unworthy news about America and American citizens around the world.

A white American says 'racist' thing to African American.

And this all happened in a classroom. Now, is this what teachers going to teach in the history class? Great America.

Where are you now President Donald Trump?

He said in his tweets that this election is rigged. Then what happened after he won? Was it not rigged then? The nation wants to know.

The crucial thing is, third-party voters!

Yeah! They're equal to the people who didn't vote in this election. Only in Florida, more than 200,000 people voted for Johnson and 60,000 voted for Stein. Same happened in Michigan, where Johnson and Stein combinedly received 1,82,000 votes, and these were enough to give Hillary lead over Donald Trump.

If Hillary could've received even half of these votes, we might have saved America from becoming a matter of joke.

Donald Trump supporters shoot at people who support Hillary.

Donald Trump supporters shoot at people who support Hillary.

In Seattle, last night on Wednesday Donald Trump supporters reacted to Anti-Trump protesters who were protesting keeping the law in mind. According to Police, more details will be released once they find out who the culprit was. Five people have got injured with gunshot wounds, and 2 of them are fighting for life.

America has seen many bad days in its history, be it assassination of two of their strong Presidents, an explosion of Apollo-I in 1967, assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, attacks of 9/11, and many such tragedies. But America faced everything in bits and pieces, now when Donald Trump has become the President, looking at his presidential speeches and interviews during his campaigns makes us feel, that he might give a new meaning to Make America Great Again.

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Did you see these protests coming after Donald Trump won the election?