Do You Want To See Michelle Obama Running For Presidency In 2020?

An opportunity to correct your biggest mistake, America!

Do You Want To See Michelle Obama Running For Presidency In 2020?

America is all set to face four years of torcher for having Donald Trump as their President. On the other hand, people are out on the street protesting against Donald Trump. No one expected that he'd win this election. The whole world is disappointed, indeed.

The Internet has reacted to this as a mishap and announced it as a black day in the history of America, while there were some who compare election date 11/9 to the 9/11. While people were talking about this, someone had an idea for having Michelle Obama as their next president in 2020's.

This discussion was so interesting and engaging that it started trending on Facebook and got the attention of more than 1 million people. Is this really possible for Michelle? Well, let's find out!

Many credits added to her name.

Many credits added to her name.

Melania Trump is not at all suitable for the role of the first lady, and Trump may get re-married for this. But, Michelle Obama has some serious credits added to her name. 

She's a graduate of the Princeton University, and Harvard Law School. Michelle even worked as a lawyer in Chicago, and later went on to become the Associate Dean of the Student Services at the University of Chicago, and then Vice President of the community and external affairs of the University.


She is the all-time favorite First Lady of America.


Just three months after becoming the First Lady of the US, she was ranked 1st and the most famous American First Lady that America ever had. Beating the scores of Pat Nixon, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton in the process.

She worked tirelessly for many causes.


She fought for childcare, national service, LGBT rights, women's right, global education initiative, and also care for military families.

Her mesmerizing speeches!


"If they go low, we go high." - Michelle Obama

She has given some of the most historic speeches in the world. Those speeches were hugely popular, and some of them even became the anthem for inspiration in America.

People search her opinion on Google.


Michelle Obama and her opinion are so famous that people even search for it on Google and follow her hugely on social media platforms.

Like this speech in New Hampshire.

Though she has said it a lot of times that she is not at all interested in taking the most precious crown in the world, but who knows? Maybe she changes her view for the sake of America.

What do you think about 2020 elections?

What do you think about 2020 elections?

#Michelle2020 is already trending on Twitter, and people have their hopes high. Michelle is also eligible, and trustworthy for this role. America needs the first American woman president. Everything is in her favor. I believe anything can happen in 2020's election.

What's your take on this? Cast your vote below.


Do you want to see Michelle Obama as the President of the US?