12 Most Horrible Tweets By Celebrities On Donald Trump's Victory

Celebs are disappointed with the election result. 


H ollywood celebrities are giving a mixed reaction on Donald Trump being selected as the US president. While some expressed hope in the politics of Trump, others seem to be quite fearful with the coming era. Let s check out the 12 most horrible tweets by the Hollywood celebrities on Donald Trump being selected as the US president.Recommended story Donald Trump calls Hollywood celebrities ugly and fat on Twitter

1) Jessica Chastain is clueless about the future of America. 



2) Cher is utterly disappointed with the selection of Donald Trump as the US president. 

Watch the comparisons!

3) Connie Britton referred to the nation as 'Darkest Self-America.' 

Dark, very dark at least for her!

4) Joshua Malina feels that Trump is a hateful kid.

So deep!

5) Judd Apatow seems to be damn frustrated with the result of the US presidential election.  

Frustration at peak!

6) Lady Gaga posted this image with the caption #blacklivesmatter Stand up for kindness, equality and love. 

7) Lin-Manuel Miranda expressed his love for the nation in a tweet.

Large anger!

8) Rashida Jones feels that it is a dark day for the US.

So many qualities in one man!

9) Shonda Rhimes referred Donald Trump as a xenophobic man. 

Yeah, she makes sense.

10) Sarah Silverman is hopeless about the coming era. 

Help him!

11) Jesse Tyler Ferguson proved that he is a fighter.

Half the world is crying!

12) Everyone is worried about the future of America. 

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Are you happy the election results?